Cascade Connection -Issue 27

Cascade Connection -Issue 27

Care Coaching – new Cascade resources to help you care for a loved one and take care of yourself

Cascade Connection Strengths News

Do you care for a loved one who is going through a traumatic illness? Perhaps suffering from cancer, a stroke or living with dementia?

Cascade has teamed up with Dawn F. Landry and her book ARMORED to create coaching resources to help you apply your strengths during these challenging times. Designed for use by coaches personally, or with clients who are caregivers, our new toolkit will help you provide the best care for your loved one while also looking after yourself.

In this update, we also cover:

NEW – Care Coaching worksheets

Caring for your loved one Cascade coaching

Inspired by Dawn F. Landry’s book ARMORED, we wanted to create some practical resources to help those caring for loved ones.

In the book, Strengths Coach Dawn powerfully shares how she used her strengths to provide the best care for her husband during his long-term illness. Through this experience, she developed the concept of Care Coaching.

We are delighted to work with Dawn to create a new toolkit for carers, helping you provide the best care AND taking care of yourself in these challenging situations.

Find the two new worksheets on Care Coaching in our expanded Strengths Advantage section.

More from Dawn and friends…

Shari Krueger strengths coach

Dawn’s story is special. She reminded me that we really do have what it takes to get through challenging times when we find ourselves suddenly forced to be a caregiver.

The Cascade tools gave me pause to proactively think about engaging my strengths in a potential caregiver mode to my spouse.

Shari Krueger, CEO Advisor & Gallup Certified CliftonStrengths® Facilitator

Ruth Calabrese Strengths Coach

These self-awareness questions go a long way in supporting caregivers to ask for what they need, and in return give what is most helpful to their loved one.

As a coach, I can see how helpful this clarity would be for my clients who are weathering the storm of a loved one’s crisis.

Ruth Calabrese, a Gallup Certified CliftonStrengths® and ICF Certified Leadership Coach

Dawn F Landry ARMORED

As a Cascade subscriber for several years, I have witnessed the value that it provides my clients with each use. It is such an honor to team up with Richard to offer ARMORED’s Care Coaching Worksheets in Cascade.

Throughout our development process, Richard’s and my respective strengths were not only activated, but perfectly aligned to successfully create this new enhancement to an already fantastic product — Cascade.

Dawn F. Landry, Author, Gallup Certified CliftonStrengths® Coach & CEO of Authentizity

Listen to Dawn live…

Gallup Strengths Success Story

Hear Dawn share her Success Story on Gallup’s Called to Coach webcast. Watch live on Friday 5th March 2021. 12pm CET / 6pm GMT.

Turn up the Power

The Power of 2 and the recently introduced Power of Me worksheets are proving to be very popular. We have stepped them up to the next level, from just the top 5 themes, to now show themes 6 – 10.

Chose from the radio buttons at the top of the page to show the top 5 or the themes 6 – 10 on each axis. The Power of Me worksheet can now show the top 5 across the top and the next 5 themes down the side. This is particularly helpful when most of the top 5 themes are in the same domain.

Cascade power theme selection

Thank you Holly and Deon for your suggestions that led to these improvements!

NEW – Getting Started video

Getting Started with Cascade Introduction video

Do you wonder if you are doing the right thing with Cascade? Would you like to see how to create a team report?

Watch the latest addition to our Getting Started support pages – a brief (18 minute) video introduction to Cascade.

The video will show you how to export themes from Gallup Access, then import them into Cascade. We’ll also go through how to work with the Theme Table and select teams in the Team Grid.

Even if you’re not a Cascade beginner, we’d recommend watching the video. You may even pick up a new tip – or two!

Do you have the latest release of Cascade? v2.0r05d

The current version of Cascade is 2.0r05d which includes the Care Coaching worksheets. To update your copy of Cascade, check out our guide: How to update Cascade to the latest version.

If you need help: please contact us quoting your Cascade license number. (C followed by 5 digits at the top of the Cascade Menu).

Many thanks as always to all those who have helped with the development of the latest Cascade resources. Dawn, Shari, Ruth, Holly and Deon, we are so grateful for your valuable input!

Richard and the Cascade Team

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Cascade Connection -Issue 26

Cascade Connection -Issue 26

Expanding Theme Dynamics with the Power of Me

Cascade Connection Strengths News

Have you ever combined two things and been surprised at the outcome? Think sweet and salty popcorn for example! It’s the same with Strengths themes. You might understand them fully as individual themes. But what if you combine them?

Cascade’s new The Power of Me worksheet does just that. It helps you blend your themes to gain new insights.

Read on to hear from coaches Holly Magnuson and Ron Johnson. They both share their personal experiences of this recent addition to the Cascade set of tools for Strengths Coaches.

The Power of Me

power of me theme dynamics Gallup Cascade

A greater awareness of who you are and how you tick will increase your confidence in yourself as a coach and inspire confidence in your clients. So the more insights you have, and can share, the better.

By creating powerful combinations of your top themes, The Power of Me worksheet in Cascade will help you explore theme dynamics with fresh insights. The worksheet enables you to easily mix the descriptive words from one theme with the role of another. Like sweet and salty popcorn, the results can be fascinating!

For example, a person with the themes of Analytical® and Harmony® might result in ‘A questioning negotiator’. Analytical® with Focus® can be ‘A data-driven goal setter’. Harmony® with Focus® could be ‘A practical prioritizer’.

Find out more here. Or to try out the Power of Me worksheet, head to the Power of 2 section in your Cascade software. At the top, there is the option to select the theme element, choose The Power of Me. (NB. You will need Cascade version 2.0r05c. Find out how to update to the latest version here.)

Fresh Theme Dynamics – Holly Magnuson

Holly Magnuson

Holly Magnuson works with college students, faculty, and staff members in California helping them move from “naming to aiming” their Strengths in their day to day life.

The goal early in the coaching relationship is for the client to move beyond looking at their Themes individually but at how they complement each other: Theme Dynamics. This is an exercise that I added to my practice after my coaching session with Jo Self. In the exercise, I attempted to have clients choose a word from “The Role I Play” box of their number one Talent Theme and then a word from “Descriptive Words” section for Talent Themes two through five.

The problem was that many times clients would get lost on which box to look at when or they would get distracted with the other information. This problem had me to the point of trying to develop my own worksheet. But I really didn’t have the time or desire to do it. Then I downloaded the newest version of Cascade in early December and found the “Power of Me” option. I was so excited, I think I actually shouted out loud!

The layout of The Power of Me sheet helps the client narrow their focus to this one area of development: Theme Dynamics. The layout of the sheet is familiar as most of my clients have worked with Excel spreadsheets, so this adds an important visual aspect. As the client writes or types their roles with their descriptive words they begin to see the power of Theme Dynamics. I’m excited to see how this tool helps my clients go from the naming their Talents to combining them together to really aim them at the things they want to accomplish.

A New Perspective – Ron Johnson

Ron Johnson is an experienced faith-based coach who works with the international charity The Voice of the Martyrs from his hometown in California.

Exploring the concept of The Power of Me on himself first, Ron circled three key descriptive words and three key role words within each of his Top 5 Signature Themes. Then for each of his themes, he combined one descriptive word and one role word. The results for his themes of Responsibility®, Learner® and Analytical®, gave him:

  • Dependable Volunteer
  • Studious Committer
  • Dispassionate Responder
Using The Power of Me in Wellbeing Coaching

Ron writes: “I used the Power of Me with a faith-based leadership team who manages their own staff team. Our coaching session helped each of them identify their own Descriptive Words and Roles for their personal wellbeing and as a manager. Their new Gallup Theme Dynamic!

Ron received some great feedback from the team:

#1  My new theme dynamic, from the Power of Me, describes how I do my personal hiking!

#2 I like how combining two of my individual themes makes a new powerful combination of themes. 

#3 In the past I only looked at one theme at a time. This gives me an entire new way of seeing how I can use my themes!

#4 This can help me explain in a new way, why I do what I do, when I pair up two themes!

I want to thank Richard Sterry of Cascade for adding the new Gallup CliftonStrengths® chart “The Power of Me” – the combination of Descriptive Words and Roles.

Looking ahead to 2021

Our calendar for webinars in 2021 is already taking shape. But there’s still space for more, so we’d be delighted to receive any invitations to speak at Mastermind groups over the next few months.

During the sessions, we can share the benefits of Cascade for individual or team coaching and help participants get more out of the reports. We can also tailor the session to your specific needs. For both beginners and more advanced users, we can also reveal timesaving tips and secret features tucked away. Contact us if you would like to host a session and benefit those in your coaching community.

Look out for more updates coming soon regarding planned virtual events you can join.

Do you have the latest release of Cascade?

Back in December, we released a new version of Cascade with two new worksheets (Performance SeQuEnCe and The Power of Me). Plus we launched the German Language Pack.

The current version is 2.0r05c. To update your copy of Cascade, check out our guide: How to update Cascade to the latest version.

If you need help: please contact us quoting your Cascade license number. (C followed by 5 digits at the top of the Cascade Menu).

Richard and the Cascade Team

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Cascade Connection -Issue 25

Cascade Connection -Issue 25

A Community Celebration: the Highlights of 2020

Cascade Connection Strengths News

There’s no doubt that 2020 has been a year of disruption. The global COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges to us all, personally and professionally. However, with every challenge comes new opportunities. So it’s been wonderful to see the coaching community respond in positive and creative ways.

In this final update of the year, we share our highlights of 2020. As business models have needed to pivot to survive, coaches from all around the world have found themselves in a strong position due to their flexibility, creativity and desire for collaboration. Join us to celebrate how the Cascade community has embraced new ways of working and discovered ingenious solutions to support one another.

Virtual World Tour

With the travel restrictions imposed in 2020, we all had to quickly change our way of thinking to transform face-to-face meet-ups into virtual ones. One of our usual yearly highlights is the annual Gallup Summit in Omaha when we enjoy spending meaningful time with coaches from around the world. But this year, we had to find alternative ways of connecting.

So here’s a run through of this year’s key virtual events for the Cascade community. Thank you to everyone who joined in, and especially to our event hosts…

January – USA

Global Strengths Mastermind GSM community Jan 2020

Kicking off the year, Richard led his Global Strengths Mastermind Group (GSM) through some of the less well known techniques for getting the most out of Cascade.

This group has been supporting one another for four years and it’s amazing that we always find new top tips to share!

May – Australia

Workshop materials made easy - Cascade Introduction

Charlotte Blair in Australia launched the CliftonStrengths® Coaching Community Led Learning Series where coaches share their expertise to help and inspire each other.

Gallup’s Jim Collison got the first session off to a great start and introduced Richard who went on to present a taster to Cascade. One of the challenges of virtual sessions in a global context is managing the time difference. So a second repeat session followed at a more sociable time for coaches in Europe!

June – South Africa

Being Human Group strengths South Africa community

Partnering with Yendor Felgate and Magriet Mouton from Being Human Group South Africa, we shared the benefits of Cascade for team coaching. It’s exciting seeing the coaching community steadily growing in South Africa and the other African countries.

July – Philippines

Cascade Strengths Philippines community meetup

Sarah Lumang Medilo from the Strengths Network in the Philippines hosted a session on using Cascade for team coaching.

The packed session also featured Danny Lee talking about the Team Grid report, which graphically displays the CliftonStrengths® themes for a team.

September – New Zealand, USA and Australia

Strengths Network South Pacific community

Jason Henderson from the Strengths Network South Pacific (SNSP) invited Richard to speak at their Meetup on Team Coaching with Cascade. There is quite a community of strengths coaches in New Zealand who were the early adopters when Cascade originally launched.

Brent O'Bannon Strengths Coach

Brent O’Bannon in Texas wanted to share the benefits of Cascade with his group of Mastermind Coaches. So Richard joined them for a session on saving time and creating coaching opportunities with Cascade.

Emma Sharrock

Emma Sharrock in Australia interviewed Richard Sterry as part of her feature on using strengths during the lockdown. Find out more about Richard’s interview in the Strengths in Uncertainty Series.

October – Australia and the Philippines

Going deeper with Cascade

Returning to Australia, Charlotte Blair hosted two pairs of sessions for a global audience as part of the CliftonStrengths Coaching Community Led Learning Series.

Our first session titled “Workshop Materials Made Easy” introduced Cascade. The second “Going Deeper” session explored new tips and tricks.

Strengths Philippines Conference 2020 community

Sarah Lumang Medilo and Pia Nazareno-Acevedo invited Richard back to speak at the Strengths Philippines Conference After Party.

Following their lively conference, we discussed individual coaching tips with Cascade.

Looking ahead to 2021

As we plan for 2021, we’d be delighted to speak at Mastermind groups, Meetups of Strengths Coaches or any strengths or coaching events you are hosting.

We can share the benefits of Cascade for individual or team coaching and help participants get more out of the reports. We will also tailor the session to your specific needs. For both beginners and more advanced users, we can also reveal some timesaving tips and secret features tucked away.

Contact us to discuss your event plans or ideas, even if they’re only vague at this stage. We welcome all opportunities to share Cascade with others!

New 2020 Features

In case you’ve missed any updates along the way, here are the key new features we’ve introduced to Cascade this year:

  • We finalised our set of Language Packs so that the Cascade reports are now available in French, Spanish and German.
  • To help coaches support clients through the uncertainty of lockdown, we created Theme Advantage worksheets for Crisis Management and VUCA. Later we added a further worksheet to improve performance with the SeQuEnCe model.
  • Our new Power of Me worksheet gives people confidence in themselves and encouragement to strive forward.
  • We implemented lots of minor tweaks and improvements for importing themes and creating PDFs.
  • To complement Gallup’s new Domain colors, we created a fresh Cascade logo and branding for our reports.
  • We launched the Cascade Community Facebook group and are loving how the conversations are helping coaches bring more out of the reports.

A few thank yous…

When we see just how much has been achieved this year, we are so grateful for all the input and new connections that have helped bring all the improvements about. So thank you…

  • To everyone for all your suggestions and ideas on how to make Cascade even better.
  • To the coaches we partnered with to create the language packs and new worksheets.
  • For all the extra zoom conversations, online events and opportunities to get to know coaches better.

Do you have the December release of Cascade?

Earlier in December, we released a new version of Cascade with two new worksheets (Performance SeQuEnCe and The Power of Me). Plus we launched the German Language Pack.

The current version is 2.0r05c. To update your copy of Cascade, check out our guide: How to update Cascade to the latest version.

If you need help: please contact us quoting your Cascade license number (C followed by 5 digits at the top of the Cascade Menu).

Thank you – and Merry Christmas!

Thank you for being part of this Cascade Community. It’s been great getting to “meet” lots of you online this year.

We hope that you have a very happy and healthy Christmas. Let’s hope 2021 brings fewer challenges but just as many opportunities for us all to learn, grow and strengthen together.

Richard and the Cascade Team

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Cascade Connection -Issue 24

Cascade Connection -Issue 24

Add Power and Performance with the new version of Cascade

Cascade Connection Strengths News

Want to discover the power of your top five themes and understand how they can increase performance? Read on to learn how the latest Cascade improvements will provide you with the tools you need…

We also hear from coach Murray Guest on the benefits of using strengths at home.

Cascade Version 2.0r05c

In our latest Cascade update, we’ve added new tools to help you enhance the impact of your strengths coaching.

The highlights are:

  • New Performance SeQuEnCe worksheet
  • New The Power of Me worksheet
  • Addition of the German Language Pack

You’ll find more information on each of these new elements in the sections below.

Our other improvements include strengthening the Theme Import process and the PDF creation on OneDrive. We’ve also added some little extras to the All 34 report and updated the heading for the Personal Insights report. Check out a full list of improvements in the Change Log.

Performance SeQuEnCe

Personal Performance SeQuEnCe strengths

Working with Dries Lombaard and Joe Holloway, we’ve developed a new worksheet that assesses the impact of your strengths in relation to performance. By considering four different aspects, Dries’ SeQuEnCe model explores how your themes might aid or hinder your progress of working towards a goal.

The SeQuEnCe performance elements are:

  • Speed
  • Quality
  • Endurance
  • Creativity

Discover more about the Performance SeQuEnCe in the Theme Advantage section of Cascade.

The Power of Me

power of me personal performance strengths cascade

Do you want to understand more about your inner power? Our new Power of Me worksheet cleverly draws out the power phrases from your top five themes. By combining these Descriptive Words with your Role I Play Statements, you’ll gain new insights and see what opportunities exist to build on the power of your themes.

This worksheet is adapted from the Power of 2. Find out more about The Power of Me.

Cascade in German

Working with a global team of coaches, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of the new German Language Pack. This third language option for Cascade adds to the existing French and Spanish Language Packs.

German strengths Cascade language

We had a battle to squeeze the longer German words and theme names into the Cascade report structure. But thanks to everyone’s help, we managed it!

Thank you to Gallup Licensing and coaches Nicole Seichter, Marisol von Appen, Ralph Rickenbach, Andrzej Pyrka and Kathrin Griebsch for making the German version possible.

How can I get the latest version?

Cascade version 2.0r05b2 was launched in December 2020. Click on the button below to access a step by step download guide.

Check out the full list of updates and improvements in the Change Log.

The Benefits of Strengths at Home

Understanding and building on our strengths is powerful individually. It helps personally as well as professionally. But just like how focusing on strengths within a team multiplies the effect, the same is true at home.

One of the many coaches making a difference to their community is Murray Guest. Murry lives near Newcastle, Australia and runs Inspire my Business. He writes:

In many programs, participants ask if their partner can also complete the strengths assessment. Of course, I say yes! I go on to explain the positive and helpful impact of knowing my strengths and my wife’s strengths has had. How it’s helped our communication, parenting, management of our house and generally making each other right. I also share many stories of other participants who have had similar experiences.

Once my clients’ partners have completed their CliftonStrengths® assessment, I provide them with the Power of 2 and Personal Insights worksheets. These tools from Cascade help them on their strengths-based journey as a couple and enable deeper, more meaningful conversations.

Murray Guest, Inspire My Business

Murry Guest Strengths Coach

Powerful together

Cascade strengths facebook group

Want to enjoy the power of being part of an active coaching community?

The new Cascade Strengths Facebook group is buzzing with activity.

Join in now to get top-tips, learn from others, share your ideas, and see sneak previews of new features.

If you need help: please contact us quoting your Cascade license number (C followed by 5 digits at the top of the Cascade Menu).

Thank you

Thank you for being part of this Strengths Community and please get in touch if you have a Cascade story to share, or just want a chat.

Richard and the Cascade Team

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Cascade Connection -Issue 23

Cascade Connection -Issue 23

Strengths in tough times

Cascade Connection Strengths News meetup

In this issue, we focus on how to develop strengths when things get tough. Discover tips to enhance your coaching and get more out of Cascade. Join the Facebook group. Read our latest blog posts. Listen to an interview. Attend a virtual conference. Or sign up for a free meet-up session.

So whichever article or event you choose, we hope you will learn something useful to help deepen your coaching practice.

Strengths in Uncertainty

In her Strengths in Uncertainty series, Emma Sharrock has been talking to different individuals to see how their strengths have helped during tough times. She recently interviewed Cascade founder, Richard Sterry. Together they explored how Richard’s own strengths played a pivotal role in running the Releasing Strengths business during lockdown.

Check out the interview

Emma Sharrock is the author of The Agile Project Manager helping people use their strengths in project management.

Emma Sharrock

Using VUCA when times get tough

During turbulent times, focusing on your strengths can really help you find a clear way forward. Something that Cascade is perfectly designed to help with. However, what if you went a step further?

Strengths coach, Mary Ann Grisham, does exactly this. She uses Cascade alongside VUCA. Which stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity.

We asked her to describe how she uses the VUCA Theme Advantage worksheet to work with clients facing tough situations.

Read the full article

Choose a Meetup Event to learn more about Cascade

As more events move online, our calendar is filling up with virtual speaking engagements. In September Richard Sterry presented sessions for the Strengths Network South Pacific and Brent O’Bannon’s MasterMind group.

Here are some of the events coming up in October. We hope you’ll join us as we share the benefits of Cascade to coaches all over the world.

Strengths Philippines Conference

Strengths Philippines Conference 2020

Come and join the online Strengths Philippines Conference taking place on 23/24 October.

Learn more about being “Powered by Strengths”. Hosted in the Philippines, it’s open to coaches all across the world.

Find out more information on Facebook.

Richard Sterry will be speaking at the Conference After Party at 6pm Manila time.

Introducing Cascade – Meetup

tough times with workshop materials. Use Cascade

This is the first of two free meetup events looking at Cascade, with hosts Charlotte Blair and Richard Sterry.

In this session, we explore the benefits of Cascade and how it can help you prepare for workshops and coaching sessions. We’ll also cover the basic steps of getting started with Cascade.

USA, Canada and New Zealand friendly time zone
Wednesday 21 October – US West Coast 12pm, US Central 2pm, US Eastern 3pm, UK 8pm.
Thursday 22 October – Melbourne 6am, New Zealand 8am.

EMEA, ANZ and APAC friendly time zone
Thursday 22 October – UK 8am, Central Europe & South Africa 9am, Singapore 3pm, Melbourne 6pm, New Zealand 8pm.

Going Deeper with Cascade – Meetup

Bring your tough questions

The second free meetup event is for those who want to get more out of the Cascade reports.

We’ll dive deeper into Cascade and reveal a few features hiding in the background. You are bound to pick up a few tips and shortcuts for your next coaching session.

USA, Canada and New Zealand friendly time zone
Tuesday 27th October – US West Coast 1pm, US Central 3pm, US Eastern 4pm, UK 8pm.
Thursday 28th October – Melbourne 7am, New Zealand 9am.

EMEA, ANZ and APAC friendly time zone
Thursday 28th October – UK 8am, Central Europe 9am, South Africa 10am, Singapore 4pm, Melbourne 7pm.

Join the conversations in the Cascade Facebook group

Cascade strengths facebook group

Our new Cascade Strengths Community Facebook group is buzzing with activity. Join in now to get top-tips and see sneak previews of new features.

Are you using the new Colours in Cascade?

Gallup domain colors green tough

In August, Gallup changed the Domain colours. So we released a new version of Cascade to match (v 2.0r05a).

To update your copy of Cascade, see our guide: How to update Cascade to the latest version.

If you need help: please contact us quoting your Cascade license number (C followed by 5 digits at the top of the Cascade Menu).

Thank you

As the Cascade Community continues to grow, we are excited to be responding with improvements to the Releasing Strengths platform. You may have noticed our new Cascade logo as we update our branding. Likewise part of our website has already received a facelift. So it’s now easier to find pages and support articles. Watch out, there’s more to come!

Thank you for being part of this Strengths Community. Please get in touch if you have a Cascade story to share, or just want a chat.

Richard and the Cascade Team

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Cascade Connection -Issue 22

Cascade Connection -Issue 22

Cascade connection theme insights discovery cardsNew Domain Colors, Cascade update and motivation.

What do new Domain colors, a Cascade update and motivation have in common?

The simple answer is that they are all the focus of our latest projects to provide you with a fresh and invigorating approach to working with your clients…

New Domain Colors

Gallup is changing the Domain colors for all their reports and materials this August and September. And we’re updating the Cascade reports to match.

Gallup’s reason for the change is to make their materials ADA (American Disability Act) compliant. One difference you’ll spot immediately is the change from Red to Green for the Strategic Thinking Domain.

Our latest release of Cascade reflects all Gallup’s changes. To give you a sneak peek, here’s the new look Team Grid, Personal Insights report and Team Summary

Gallup new domain colors green CliftonStrengths reports

New Cascade Version

The new release of Cascade (v2.0r05a) has lots of small tweaks and improvements. We’ve created a short video to guide you through the main differences and to help you make the most of the new version (watch it below).

But first, here’s a summary of the main changes…

1. Print Domain Totals in the Team Grid

team grid print domain totals Cascade strengths new colors

A few coaches have asked how to print the Domain totals in the Team Grid. This is the table on the right of the page, giving the number of themes for each person by Domain.

Using the table, you can help your clients identify concentrations of themes in a particular Domain.

We’ve added a new button at the top of the table to turn the printing of the table on or off. It expands the print area on the page to include or hide the table from the Team Grid printout or PDF.

Top tip: Did you know you can sort the people in the Team Grid depending on how many themes they have in a Domain? Click on the down-arrow below the name of a Domain to open the Filter options. Selecting the Sort ‘Largest to Smallest’ will bring the people with the most themes in that Domain to the top of the grid.

2. PDF filenames

We know that many coaches like to print the team reports for the top 5 and the top 10 themes. Previously, both PDF files automatically had the same file name. So we’ve now added the number of themes to the end of PDF filename. For example, TeamName – Team Grid – T10.pdf

3. Language updates

Following the launch of the reports in French and Spanish, we’ve made some minor tweaks to the Spanish translations to improve usability. The Team Profiles, Roles and All 34 reports now support multiple languages and we’re getting ready to release the reports in German soon too.

Watch Richard explain all the latest changes in this short video:

How to download the latest version of Cascade

Download the latest version of Cascade with a link from a previous email or from within Cascade itself.

See our guide detailing the steps: How to update Cascade to the latest version.

Free updates are available for those with a current Cascade license. This applies either within the first year of purchase or with a valid Support pack.

If you need help: please contact us quoting your Cascade license number (C followed by 5 digits at the top of the Cascade Menu).

Coaching Tips to Increase your Client’s Motivation

increase motivation and resilience with strengths

Several coaches have mentioned that they are keen to help their clients increase motivation and resilience during these challenging times.

So we have put together some practical steps using the Cascade reports that give fresh inspiration and ideas.

We explain how a strengths-based approach, underpinned by some of the key Cascade tools, can help you increase your client’s energy, focus and zest for life.

Read the full article

Thank you

Thank you for being part of this Strengths Community and please get in touch if you have a Cascade story to share, or just want a chat.

Richard and the Cascade Team

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Cascade Connection -Issue 21

Cascade Connection -Issue 21

Cascade connection theme insights discovery cardsDeeper Conversations

Coaches tell us that Cascade reports enable them to take client discussions to a new level. They encourage deeper conversations. And more meaningful results.

In this update, we explore some inspiring stories that show just how true this is. Especially in the areas of resolving conflict, team building and confident networking. Plus we share a preview of Gallup’s new Domain colours, and how we’re adapting the Cascade reports to match:

Coaching through conflict

Following Amy Fredrick’s excellent presentation in the Gallup At Work Summit, we caught up with her for a quick chat.

In this short video, Amy describes how she uses Cascade’s Power of 2 report to quickly resolve conflict between team members. And how this has a powerful effect on the whole team…

When you quickly resolve the conflict between two individuals, the tension in the team is relieved – and engagement and productivity increase.”

Empowering deeper conversations with Brings & Needs

Cascade bring need strengthsfinder deeper conversations contributions confidence

Coaches tell us that one of the most useful items in Cascade is the Brings & Needs report. By clearly identifying what a person’s themes bring and what they need, this report is a powerful tool.

We’ve been excited to hear the many different ways in which coaches are sharing and using the Brings & Needs reports with their clients.

Let’s take a look at some inspiring examples so you can see how…

A cover page to help you share with the whole team

Alicia Santamaria Gallup Strengths coach deeper conversations

Cascade’s Brings & Needs Report is one of my clients’ favorites! In addition to using them in my 1-1 coaching, they are a very powerful tool to use with teams.

Previously, I only provide people with their own Brings & Needs report. Now I make Bring/Need packets for each team member, complete with a cover page and a copy of everyone’s Brings & Needs Reports.

One activity is to have participants identify (and share) a contribution they want to make sure their colleagues know about and a key need they have that might currently be unfulfilled. There are several other ways to use the report in the session and afterwards, which are outlined on the cover page.

My clients tell me over and over again how valuable this information is to help them understand themselves and each other better. Thank you Cascade!

Alicia Santamaria CEO, adelante coaching + consulting

Finding talking points

Ken Bar Jr from Michigan is a Gallup Strengths Coach and Licensed Professional Counselor, working frequently in education and non-profit sectors. In this short film, he shares how he uses the Brings & Needs report to generate talking points.

Ken Barr Jr Brings Needs

“It has the power to change the way you interact with your colleagues.”

Building networking confidence

Meryl Naisby from Johannesburg, South Africa encourages her clients to actively share their Brings & Needs report with colleagues.

Meryl Naisby South Africa deeper conversations

I find this gives my clients the confidence to use the report to further network within their organisation and share it with people from different areas within the business.”

Read how Meryl works with the Brings & Needs report in the full conversation.

New Domain colours

In August, Gallup will be changing the Domain colours in order to make them ADA (American Disability Act) compliant.

The most noticeable difference is the Strategic Thinking domain changing from Red to Green.

To keep in step, we will reflect these changes in Cascade with a new release also in August. As you can see, we’ve already begun drafting the new-look Team Grid, Personal Insights report and Team Summary

Gallup domain colors green CliftonStrengths reports

Did you Know?

Whilst we’re always happy to answer your queries, don’t forget that our Support Hub provides help for frequently asked questions.

Cascade help support search

Many of our website pages also have a search feature to find relevant articles. Enter a keyword for the topic you need, then see a shortlist of articles.

Next Time

In our next update, we’ll have information about the release of Cascade with the new domain colours. And lots more inspirational stories of great coaching work happening around the world!

Thank you for being part of this Strengths Community and please get in touch if you have a Cascade story to share, or just want a chat.

Richard and the Cascade Team

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Cascade Connection -Issue 20

Cascade Connection -Issue 20

Cascade connection theme insights discovery cardsStrengths Community

It’s all about community and building relationships. That’s our Cascade business philosophy. By learning and understanding your needs as a community of Strengths coaches, we are better equipped to create tools that help you most.

In this issue, we have a wealth of updates that we hope will continue to build our relationship with, and support of, you. And also help expand the Strengths community.

Here’s what’s included:

NEW: Strengths Reports in Spanish

Spanish language espanol strengths

Following the success of the Cascade French Language Pack, we are thrilled to announce the release of our new Spanish Language Pack.

The Add-On module provides the popular Cascade reports in Spanish, enabling you to reach out to a whole new community. With the option to show theme names in Spanish or English, you now have even greater flexibility to produce reports to best suit your client’s needs.

Take advantage of our Introductory Discount with the code LPDC to receive 20% off. This also applies to the French Language Pack and is available until the end of June 2020.

A big thank you to José and Caroline for their support and help in creating the Spanish addition to Cascade.

Jose Valcarcel strengths coach

José Miguel Valcárcel lives in Madrid, Spain. He is an expert in C-Level, Team & One to One Coaching, with extensive experience and networks in the HR field. He’s also a lecturer in the most popular Spanish and South American business schools.

Caroline Pollard coach

Caroline Pollard from Lewisville, Texas has a Masters Degree in Spanish with extensive teaching experience. She is now a Partner Trainer at Camp Gladiator.

How the Spanish Language Pack is already making a difference…

Jo Self Gallup Strengths Coach

Jo Self from Lima in Peru regularly coaches in English and Spanish.

Jo writes:

I am in love with Cascade – even more so now that I can use it with my clients in Spanish! What was always an incredibly useful tool before has really become a lifesaver as most of my organizational client base is located in Latin America. It’s also helpful with individual clients, but nothing else makes prepping for teams a breeze like Cascade does.

This is another step forward for Cascade and we are currently working on the German version. Watch out for its release later this summer.

Gallup Summit – Wish we were there

Richard Sterry

One of the highlights of the year for many of us is travelling to the US and meeting lots of friendly faces at the annual Gallup Summit.

Richard says:

I will really miss meeting people in person at the Summit this year. Although the formal sessions are always invaluable, I find it’s the social times around the event which make it so special.

The chance meetings in the conference center, mass gatherings in local restaurants, meaningful conversations when just hanging out in the hotel lobby… I shall miss all of these interactions. I’m hopeful we can replicate some of them virtually via the more informal, online breakout sessions Gallup are scheduling. But I will look forward to doing them in person even more next year!

For me, the Summit is all about building relationships and keeping in touch. Gallup are doing their best to make the online version as informative and interactive as possible. But if like me, you will also miss the more informal opportunities, then why not book a time in my calendar for a Zoom chat? I’d love to “meet” with you!

As a Summit Special, we are giving 10% off Cascade Professional and Cascade Personal until the end of June 2020. Use Discount code SUMMIT at the checkout.

NEW: Community Contribution

In this new section, we want to highlight and share the contribution a coach is making to the strengths community. This month we meet Charlotte Blair in Australia – you may already know her!

Charlotte Blair – The Strengths Partners

Charlotte Blair Gallup Strengths Coach

Charlotte first discovered her own Strengths in 2014 whilst working at Verizon as a Sales Account Manager. She spent 12 years there based in both the UK and Australia. But on changing career to Coaching and Leadership, she set up The Strengths Partners with another coach. She is a Revolutionary for Learning Republic and loves combining Strengths with other Leadership tools and frameworks.
Activator® WOO® Command® Arranger® Positivity® Responsibilty® Communication® Maximizer® Individualisation® Significance®

I focus mainly on teams within the Corporate environment as I feel I can have a greater impact with larger groups. I also LOVE coaching and mentoring other coaches, both new and experienced. Here again, I feel I can help others to go on and help more people and the ripple effect increases. 

During COVID-19 where clients changed from physical workshops to online sessions, I’ve drawn on my Activator and Arranger to arrange Community Learning. This fed my WOO and Significance too.

Cascade is a game-changer for me. I recommend it to every new coach I coach and to my corporate clients.  It saves so much time and allows you to add significant value to your clients.

Charlotte is very active in the strengths coaching Facebook pages. Her new Lead Learning Series group includes a couple of webinars featuring Cascade. In addition to being a guest on Gallup’s Called 2 Coach, she presented at the 2018 Gallup Summit.

Thank you, Charlotte for your energy, enthusiasm and contribution to the coaching community.

Little Announcement – Big Numbers!

We love how you keep telling your friends about Cascade and are forever grateful. There are now over 1200 coaches benefiting from Cascade across 47 countries.

Thank you so much for helping to grow the Cascade Strengths Community.

Cascade Strengths world map
World map of Cascade Strengths Reports in action

Help I’m Stuck

Whilst we’re always happy to answer your queries, don’t forget that our Support Hub provides help for frequent questions.

Use the Search box to enter a keyword and see a list of relevant articles. Some of the latest instructions include:

How to upgrade to the latest version
Exporting themes from Gallup Access for Cascade
How to change the language for the reports
How to combine several reports into one PDF

Cascade website help

Also, in each of the pages in Cascade, use the green ? to open the relevant page on our website. This will tell you how to use the page and provide additional coaching suggestions.

Begin with the End in Mind

Finally we leave you with something to think about…

Things are certainly going to be different as we come out of lockdown. For ourselves and for our clients. How can you help your clients prepare for the next season? What will team dynamics look like when staff return to a physical office? Will they interact differently in person or still want to use Zoom from their desks?

None of us quite know the answers to these questions and more yet. But at least by framing the questions now, we can start down the path to figuring out how best to support our clients as things progress. And here at Cascade, we will continue to help you do that.

Thank you for being part of this Strengths Community and please get in touch if you have a Cascade story to share, or just want a chat.

Richard and the Cascade Team

Cascade Connection -Issue 19

Cascade Connection -Issue 19

Cascade connection theme insights discovery cardsBoost your Strengths Advantage

Understanding and focusing on our strengths can give us all an advantage during these uncertain times. In this issue, we highlight how Cascade’s latest features are designed to help boost your strengths advantage further with:

  • New reports to help your clients use their strengths to navigate difficult situations with calmness and clarity.
  • New personal word clouds to provide a creative, visual way of highlighting a client’s strengths.

Update to Cascade

The latest version of Cascade is now available. Version 2.0r04f (May 2020) contains several small tweaks and improvements, including:

  • Two new Theme Advantage worksheets
  • The option to create a personal word cloud

New Theme Advantage Worksheets

Cascade Strengths Theme Advantage VUCA

Cascade’s Theme Advantage worksheets provide your clients with practical ways to use their strengths to their advantage in different situations.

Grouped into themes such as Leadership and Project Management, we already have worksheets covering a number of useful topics. But we’ve now added two new worksheets that are especially relevant during this current season…

1 Crisis Management

With each country handling the COVID-19 pandemic slightly differently, the Crisis Management worksheet helps clients to calmly navigate their own situation with clear, simple steps. Experience tells us that whenever there is a sudden and dramatic change in our lives, being intentional in using our themes helps us find positive ways forward through the turmoil.

Thank you Antonia Milkop for your contribution.


The acronym VUCA was originally used by the US military and stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity, all key causes of confusion. By unpacking each aspect in turn – and by proactively focusing on what is known and controllable – the VUCA model helps you guide your client into a positive, flexible and confident approach to dealing with chaos and challenging situations.

Thank you Deon Rademeyer for your suggestion.

Strengths Word Clouds

Creating a word cloud is a powerful, visual method for communicating the CliftonStrengths® themes. We added the Cascade Team Word Cloud some time ago and have loved seeing coaches embrace their creativity with it! (You can find this feature in the Frequency page).

Cascade Strengths Word Cloud CliftonStrengths

But to give individuals a fun and creative way of focusing on their strengths at this challenging time, we’ve now added the option for creating a Cascade Personal Word Cloud too.

To do this: Head to the My 34 page. Towards the bottom right there is a cell where you can copy the themes to paste into a word cloud editor. Find more information at Creating Strengths Word Clouds including instructions on how to update your Zoom Background.

How can I get the latest version of Cascade?

To download the latest version of Cascade, use the special feature in the Menu. Go to the Modules section and click Download.

Download latest version of Cascade Strengths

Alternatively, you can use the download link from one of our previous emails.

For more information, follow the step by step guide in this article and see the changes for the latest version in the Change Log.

Please note: The download feature is only available for the first year after purchasing Cascade, or for a year after renewing your Cascade Support. Do contact us if you need any help or have any queries.

Domain Colour Change

Last year, Gallup announced that they are changing the colours of the four domains in 2020. We now know that most of the changes will appear for Gallup Access and related reports in August 2020.

Gallup new domain colors CliftonStrengths Cascade

And to mirror this, we will update the Cascade colours to match the new Gallup colours in August too.

In our last issue – Together in Isolation – we talked about how, despite varying countries and contexts, our shared experience of the COVID-19 pandemic knits us all closer together. We’re a few weeks on in this season, and the situation remains. Here we want to do all we can to help you personally and professionally, stay strong.

We hope our latest developments will assist you with that and give you the extra tools you need to play to your strengths, both now and in the times to come. Don’t forget too that our offer of a chat – about anything or everything – still stands. Find a time on our calendar now.

Thank you for being part of the Cascade Community. Stay strong!

Richard and the Cascade Team

Cascade Connection -Issue 18

Cascade Connection -Issue 18

Cascade connection theme insights discovery cardsTogether in Isolation

It’s amazing how an invisible virus can so materially affect people and communities all over the world. The COVID-19 virus is shutting down nations and forcing individuals and organisations to think and act differently. Radically differently.

The UK is now in lockdown, something not experienced here since the Second World War. Other countries are facing similar restrictions. Many things we previously took for granted are no longer possible. But though our contexts may vary, we are united in the limitations we face. We are together in isolation.

Despite the magnitude of these challenges, I believe that the one crucial thing we can all influence is our attitude and approach to this new situation we find ourselves in. Personally, I have faced several times over the years of losing a job and being without work. It was always an unsettling time, but after each of these seasons, I emerged stronger and better equipped for the way ahead.

At Releasing Strengths, we want you to know that we are here for you.

These are three things we are currently doing to help…

Cascade Support Renewals

We appreciate that in these uncertain times, funds may be tight and some companies have introduced a purchasing freeze. We are therefore extending the time period of the discount codes to renew your Cascade support. You will receive the details when your renewal is due and please contact us if you need further help.

Want a Chat?

Together in Isolation talk about strengths

Being in isolation can be a solitary experience and we’d love to offer you the chance to talk to us if it would help.

There’s no agenda. We are very happy to have an open conversation about your work plans, coping with challenging times, getting the most out of Cascade, what you learned from your Strengths Twin, how you use Strengths at your church… or to simply just have a chat.

Take a look at our calendar and book a 30 minute slot. Let’s Chat

New Developments

During this quieter time, we are focusing on some new projects to help you when the world starts moving again.

Following the launch of the Cascade reports in French, we are finishing off the modules for the Spanish and German versions. These resources will expand your coaching portfolio by enabling you to offer Cascade reports in their own language to native French, Spanish or German-speaking clients.

A brand new development is also underway for parents and families with the IncredibleCoaches. Based on the book ‘Play To Their Strengths’ by Analyn & Brandon Miller, our new portal will provide a ‘Cascade equivalent’ for Parents and Kids assessments. We’ll be in touch again soon with lots more information on this exciting project.

Whatever is happening to you at the moment, and whatever the future holds, I hope you can stay safe and strong, both for yourself and for those around you. My current approach is to think about where I want myself and my business to be in six months’ time, and then use this season to prepare for that… perhaps this attitude will help you too.

Thank you for your ongoing support and please get in touch if you would like a chat… we truly are together in isolation and I really mean it when I say we are here for you.

Richard and the Cascade Team