Cascade Connection -Issue 10

Cascade connection theme insights discovery cardsHow do you enter client themes into Cascade?

Welcome to the November edition of the Cascade Connection. This month we launch two new services to make your life easier, we reveal a little more about the new version of Cascade and have a special offer for Black Friday.

When the export file from the Gallup Strengths Center is not available, entering the client themes into Cascade can become very tedious. To help, we are launching two new offerings. They will save you time, reduce the hassle and increase accuracy.

Save Time when Entering Client Themes

enter client themes Gallup PDF spreadsheet cascade strengths reportTaking a Gallup report, we can scan the contents and produce a small spreadsheet with the theme information, ready to paste into Cascade. We have templates for the Strengths Insight Guide, the Theme Sequence Report, the Signature Themes Reports and the new CliftonStrengths® 34 Report.

This is particularly helpful if you are preparing for a workshop where you did not supply the codes for the CSF assessment. Don’t enter the client themes manually, just send us a batch of reports. Let us do the boring bit for you.

The more reports you send, the cheaper the price per person.

Extract Themes from a Gallup Access Team Grid

Team Grid export Gallup Access Excel spreadsheet cascade strengthsSimilarly, we can take a PDF of the Team Grid from Gallup Access and extract the themes for each person. As currently there is no export feature in Gallup Access, this can save a lot of time.

Send us a PDF of the Team Grid and we can return a small spreadsheet with all the themes to paste into Cascade.

More information about The PDF Export and the Team Grid Export services are available in our shop.

CliftonStrengths 34 Report

Cascade My 34 theme report strengthsfinder chartThe new CliftonStrengths 34 Report offers a lot of depth to help clients explore their 34 themes. To help summarise the information from the 25 pages, several coaches also supply the My 34 Theme Report in Cascade. The one-page visual representations of their theme distribution can add further insights at a glance.

Looking Ahead with Cascade

A lot of work is underway to bring you the next version of Cascade. The aim is to make it more intuitive and easier to use. In addition to the features mentioned last month, here are some more benefits.

  • The Team Grid is stepping up to a new level, offering new features and display options.
  • We are also introducing One Click printing and simplifying the way to create PDFs for individual reports.
  • The Personal Insights page will have an option to show the Metaphors and Barrier Labels.
  • The reports will feature the revised theme and domain descriptions Gallup launched this month.

Most of the new features will only be available with the Bonus Pack. To reflect the additional value of the Bonus Pack, we will be increasing its price by £10 (about $13 or €11) in December. Those already with the Bonus pack do not need to do anything. However, if you don’t yet have the Bonus Pack, now is a good time to get it. Click here for more information.

Would you like to help test the new version of Cascade before the launch? If you have an eye for detail and are able to review some of the new features, please Contact Us.

Testing Cascade on the recently released Office 2019 is not identifying any issues. However, we are noticing some errors with the Mac Mojave release when creating PDFs. See the piece below for details.

Creating PDFs with Mac Mojave

The recent Mojave update for Mac, version 10.14 has new security features. There are additional steps if you want to create PDFs from Cascade to grant permission to the folders. Without these steps, you may experience Error 75 or Error 1004.

See the support article Creating PDFs with Mac Mojave for more information.

Thank you to John, Florence, Emma and Deon for your help in testing and refining the workaround.

How far would you go to get a Coach?

need a coach richard sterry and becky hammondThis week I am honored to be included in Becky Hammond’s latest podcast series as she explores my strengths story.

She asks such great questions and discovers how my strengths have changed my life. Listen to the 30-minute podcast here

Black Friday Special

Cascade Friday discountThank you for reading this far and we have a special offer for Black Friday. We are giving away a 10% discount on ALL our products!

Use the coupon code BLACK at the Checkout. This offer is only valid for Friday 23rd November 2018 and cannot be used with any other offer.

Please share this with your friends or upgrade your Cascade with the Bonus Pack or the Go Large module.

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