Cascade Connection -Issue 15

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Hear from Ken Barr Jr about the reports he finds most powerful. Pick up tips to get the most out of Cascade and see how we can help you with the move to Gallup Access.

Ken’s Most Powerful Reports

While in Omaha, our avid reporter Eduardo Villavicencio caught up with Ken Barr Jr. Hear which reports Ken finds most powerful in his short video. He also passes on tips for those new to the Cascade reports.
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Help! I’m Stuck

Since the launch of Cascade release 3 in April 2019, the Menu is the central control panel for the reports. It brings everything together with a more intuitive layout.

Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of Cascade.

Cascade Menu button powerful

Use the Menu to navigate around Cascade. The Menu buttons run small processes to maintain Cascade and show timely reminders. The button to return to the Menu is at the top left of each page making it easy to find. This saves hunting for the tabs at the bottom which may slide off the side of the screen.

Cascade team grid refresh page

The Team Grid grows as you populate the Theme Table. Have you added people in the Theme Table only to find that they are not visible in the Team Grid?

After adding people to the Theme Table, remember to click on the Refresh Page button in the Team Grid. This will expand the Team Grid to show the new people.

Sort Cascade Theme Table

Try not to leave blank rows in the Theme Table. When Cascade sees two blank rows together, it assumes that is the end of the list and the Team Grid may not show all the people.
You can group people together with the selection columns on the left (A-D). To remove the blank rows, use the AZ button to sort by the Firstname or Surname columns. Discover more.

powerful search cascade support

More answers to questions and resolutions to error messages are in the Support Hub. Do make use of the powerful Search feature to help locate an article.

To help newcomers to Cascade, we have updated the Getting Started Guide. It introduces the steps involved from entering themes to creating reports.

CliftonStrengths Summit

Cascade Soar 34Strong powerful promotions

Meeting up with friends and discovering new ones added to the experience at the Clifton Strengths Summit. Thank you to everyone who came along to the coffee shop or the Hilton lobby while we were in Omaha. The well attended Soar & 34Strong event welcomed more people to the Cascade community. Thank you for all your support. Read more

Cascade and Gallup Access

In August, Gallup will migrate everyone from the Gallup Strengths Center to their new Gallup Access platform. Currently with the Gallup Strengths Center there is an easy way to export the theme information into a spreadsheet, ready for Cascade.

Gallup Access export Excel spreadsheet cascade strengths

The export feature in Gallup Access will not arrive until later in the year, after the migration in August.

Anticipating concern to gather the theme information for Cascade we have a solution. Taking the PDF of a Team Grid from Gallup Access, we can extract the themes, presenting a simple spreadsheet for Cascade.
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Elaine Krek at Prism Performance shares her story.
A number of my clients are now using Gallup Access which means we have had to manually enter large quantities of data into Cascade which has been both time-consuming and frustrating. Thanks to Richard and the Cascade team, I can now provide the PDF Strengths map from Gallup Access and this gets converted into a Cascade friendly Excel spreadsheet. Thank you for giving time back in our day Richard.

We can read pretty much any report from the Gallup portals and extract the theme information for Cascade. Please contact us if you need any assistance.

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