Cascade Connection -Issue 18

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It’s amazing how an invisible virus can so materially affect people and communities all over the world. The COVID-19 virus is shutting down nations and forcing individuals and organisations to think and act differently. Radically differently.

The UK is now in lockdown, something not experienced here since the Second World War. Other countries are facing similar restrictions. Many things we previously took for granted are no longer possible. But though our contexts may vary, we are united in the limitations we face. We are together in isolation.

Despite the magnitude of these challenges, I believe that the one crucial thing we can all influence is our attitude and approach to this new situation we find ourselves in. Personally, I have faced several times over the years of losing a job and being without work. It was always an unsettling time, but after each of these seasons, I emerged stronger and better equipped for the way ahead.

At Releasing Strengths, we want you to know that we are here for you.

These are three things we are currently doing to help…

Cascade Support Renewals

We appreciate that in these uncertain times, funds may be tight and some companies have introduced a purchasing freeze. We are therefore extending the time period of the discount codes to renew your Cascade support. You will receive the details when your renewal is due and please contact us if you need further help.

Want a Chat?

Together in Isolation talk about strengths

Being in isolation can be a solitary experience and we’d love to offer you the chance to talk to us if it would help.

There’s no agenda. We are very happy to have an open conversation about your work plans, coping with challenging times, getting the most out of Cascade, what you learned from your Strengths Twin, how you use Strengths at your church… or to simply just have a chat.

Take a look at our calendar and book a 30 minute slot. Let’s Chat

New Developments

During this quieter time, we are focusing on some new projects to help you when the world starts moving again.

Following the launch of the Cascade reports in French, we are finishing off the modules for the Spanish and German versions. These resources will expand your coaching portfolio by enabling you to offer Cascade reports in their own language to native French, Spanish or German-speaking clients.

A brand new development is also underway for parents and families with the IncredibleCoaches. Based on the book ‘Play To Their Strengths’ by Analyn & Brandon Miller, our new portal will provide a ‘Cascade equivalent’ for Parents and Kids assessments. We’ll be in touch again soon with lots more information on this exciting project.

Whatever is happening to you at the moment, and whatever the future holds, I hope you can stay safe and strong, both for yourself and for those around you. My current approach is to think about where I want myself and my business to be in six months’ time, and then use this season to prepare for that… perhaps this attitude will help you too.

Thank you for your ongoing support and please get in touch if you would like a chat… we truly are together in isolation and I really mean it when I say we are here for you.

Richard and the Cascade Team

2 thoughts on “Cascade Connection -Issue 18

  • 26th March 2020 at 10:47 pm

    Hi Richard

    Your connection newsletter was very encouraging. Thank you for reaching out to your clients. I too feel as though this is the perfect time to work toward future goals, create content, etc. I had to cancel workshops I had scheduled, but the little microbe is pushing me to have more of an online presence. I have been putting this off! If you have any great suggestions on this, I would love for you to send them my way! I agree that attitude of heart is so important right now… and only we can choose that for ourselves. My deep feeling is that God is up to all kinds of good things… and as we like to say in our house… “Aslan is on the move!”

    Take care and stay safe,
    Mary Ann

  • 27th March 2020 at 8:55 am

    Hi Mary Ann
    Thank you for your comment. Aslan is certainly on the move and in the midst of the trauma, we need to reflect on the bigger picture.
    The volume of posts on social media has ramped up recently and I’m aware of several people who are now opting out from all the noise. The occasional post with an authentic message, in my opinion, is more likely to attract a genuine audience.
    Good to hear that to are optimistically looking to the future and please let us know how we can be of help.

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