Cascade Connection -Issue 20

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It’s all about community and building relationships. That’s our Cascade business philosophy. By learning and understanding your needs as a community of Strengths coaches, we are better equipped to create tools that help you most.

In this issue, we have a wealth of updates that we hope will continue to build our relationship with, and support of, you. And also help expand the Strengths community.

Here’s what’s included:

NEW: Strengths Reports in Spanish

Spanish language espanol strengths

Following the success of the Cascade French Language Pack, we are thrilled to announce the release of our new Spanish Language Pack.

The Add-On module provides the popular Cascade reports in Spanish, enabling you to reach out to a whole new community. With the option to show theme names in Spanish or English, you now have even greater flexibility to produce reports to best suit your client’s needs.

Take advantage of our Introductory Discount with the code LPDC to receive 20% off. This also applies to the French Language Pack and is available until the end of June 2020.

A big thank you to José and Caroline for their support and help in creating the Spanish addition to Cascade.

Jose Valcarcel strengths coach

José Miguel Valcárcel lives in Madrid, Spain. He is an expert in C-Level, Team & One to One Coaching, with extensive experience and networks in the HR field. He’s also a lecturer in the most popular Spanish and South American business schools.

Caroline Pollard coach

Caroline Pollard from Lewisville, Texas has a Masters Degree in Spanish with extensive teaching experience. She is now a Partner Trainer at Camp Gladiator.

How the Spanish Language Pack is already making a difference…

Jo Self Gallup Strengths Coach

Jo Self from Lima in Peru regularly coaches in English and Spanish.

Jo writes:

I am in love with Cascade – even more so now that I can use it with my clients in Spanish! What was always an incredibly useful tool before has really become a lifesaver as most of my organizational client base is located in Latin America. It’s also helpful with individual clients, but nothing else makes prepping for teams a breeze like Cascade does.

This is another step forward for Cascade and we are currently working on the German version. Watch out for its release later this summer.

Gallup Summit – Wish we were there

Richard Sterry

One of the highlights of the year for many of us is travelling to the US and meeting lots of friendly faces at the annual Gallup Summit.

Richard says:

I will really miss meeting people in person at the Summit this year. Although the formal sessions are always invaluable, I find it’s the social times around the event which make it so special.

The chance meetings in the conference center, mass gatherings in local restaurants, meaningful conversations when just hanging out in the hotel lobby… I shall miss all of these interactions. I’m hopeful we can replicate some of them virtually via the more informal, online breakout sessions Gallup are scheduling. But I will look forward to doing them in person even more next year!

For me, the Summit is all about building relationships and keeping in touch. Gallup are doing their best to make the online version as informative and interactive as possible. But if like me, you will also miss the more informal opportunities, then why not book a time in my calendar for a Zoom chat? I’d love to “meet” with you!

As a Summit Special, we are giving 10% off Cascade Professional and Cascade Personal until the end of June 2020. Use Discount code SUMMIT at the checkout.

NEW: Community Contribution

In this new section, we want to highlight and share the contribution a coach is making to the strengths community. This month we meet Charlotte Blair in Australia – you may already know her!

Charlotte Blair – The Strengths Partners

Charlotte Blair Gallup Strengths Coach

Charlotte first discovered her own Strengths in 2014 whilst working at Verizon as a Sales Account Manager. She spent 12 years there based in both the UK and Australia. But on changing career to Coaching and Leadership, she set up The Strengths Partners with another coach. She is a Revolutionary for Learning Republic and loves combining Strengths with other Leadership tools and frameworks.
Activator® WOO® Command® Arranger® Positivity® Responsibilty® Communication® Maximizer® Individualisation® Significance®

I focus mainly on teams within the Corporate environment as I feel I can have a greater impact with larger groups. I also LOVE coaching and mentoring other coaches, both new and experienced. Here again, I feel I can help others to go on and help more people and the ripple effect increases. 

During COVID-19 where clients changed from physical workshops to online sessions, I’ve drawn on my Activator and Arranger to arrange Community Learning. This fed my WOO and Significance too.

Cascade is a game-changer for me. I recommend it to every new coach I coach and to my corporate clients.  It saves so much time and allows you to add significant value to your clients.

Charlotte is very active in the strengths coaching Facebook pages. Her new Lead Learning Series group includes a couple of webinars featuring Cascade. In addition to being a guest on Gallup’s Called 2 Coach, she presented at the 2018 Gallup Summit.

Thank you, Charlotte for your energy, enthusiasm and contribution to the coaching community.

Little Announcement – Big Numbers!

We love how you keep telling your friends about Cascade and are forever grateful. There are now over 1200 coaches benefiting from Cascade across 47 countries.

Thank you so much for helping to grow the Cascade Strengths Community.

Cascade Strengths world map
World map of Cascade Strengths Reports in action

Help I’m Stuck

Whilst we’re always happy to answer your queries, don’t forget that our Support Hub provides help for frequent questions.

Use the Search box to enter a keyword and see a list of relevant articles. Some of the latest instructions include:

How to upgrade to the latest version
Exporting themes from Gallup Access for Cascade
How to change the language for the reports
How to combine several reports into one PDF

Cascade website help

Also, in each of the pages in Cascade, use the green ? to open the relevant page on our website. This will tell you how to use the page and provide additional coaching suggestions.

Begin with the End in Mind

Finally we leave you with something to think about…

Things are certainly going to be different as we come out of lockdown. For ourselves and for our clients. How can you help your clients prepare for the next season? What will team dynamics look like when staff return to a physical office? Will they interact differently in person or still want to use Zoom from their desks?

None of us quite know the answers to these questions and more yet. But at least by framing the questions now, we can start down the path to figuring out how best to support our clients as things progress. And here at Cascade, we will continue to help you do that.

Thank you for being part of this Strengths Community and please get in touch if you have a Cascade story to share, or just want a chat.

Richard and the Cascade Team