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Cascade connection theme insights discovery cardsNew Domain Colors, Cascade update and motivation.

What do new Domain colors, a Cascade update and motivation have in common?

The simple answer is that they are all the focus of our latest projects to provide you with a fresh and invigorating approach to working with your clients…

New Domain Colors

Gallup is changing the Domain colors for all their reports and materials this August and September. And we’re updating the Cascade reports to match.

Gallup’s reason for the change is to make their materials ADA (American Disability Act) compliant. One difference you’ll spot immediately is the change from Red to Green for the Strategic Thinking Domain.

Our latest release of Cascade reflects all Gallup’s changes. To give you a sneak peek, here’s the new look Team Grid, Personal Insights report and Team Summary

Gallup new domain colors green CliftonStrengths reports

New Cascade Version

The new release of Cascade (v2.0r05a) has lots of small tweaks and improvements. We’ve created a short video to guide you through the main differences and to help you make the most of the new version (watch it below).

But first, here’s a summary of the main changes…

1. Print Domain Totals in the Team Grid

team grid print domain totals Cascade strengths new colors

A few coaches have asked how to print the Domain totals in the Team Grid. This is the table on the right of the page, giving the number of themes for each person by Domain.

Using the table, you can help your clients identify concentrations of themes in a particular Domain.

We’ve added a new button at the top of the table to turn the printing of the table on or off. It expands the print area on the page to include or hide the table from the Team Grid printout or PDF.

Top tip: Did you know you can sort the people in the Team Grid depending on how many themes they have in a Domain? Click on the down-arrow below the name of a Domain to open the Filter options. Selecting the Sort ‘Largest to Smallest’ will bring the people with the most themes in that Domain to the top of the grid.

2. PDF filenames

We know that many coaches like to print the team reports for the top 5 and the top 10 themes. Previously, both PDF files automatically had the same file name. So we’ve now added the number of themes to the end of PDF filename. For example, TeamName – Team Grid – T10.pdf

3. Language updates

Following the launch of the reports in French and Spanish, we’ve made some minor tweaks to the Spanish translations to improve usability. The Team Profiles, Roles and All 34 reports now support multiple languages and we’re getting ready to release the reports in German soon too.

Watch Richard explain all the latest changes in this short video:

How to download the latest version of Cascade

Download the latest version of Cascade with a link from a previous email or from within Cascade itself.

See our guide detailing the steps: How to update Cascade to the latest version.

Free updates are available for those with a current Cascade license. This applies either within the first year of purchase or with a valid Support pack.

If you need help: please contact us quoting your Cascade license number (C followed by 5 digits at the top of the Cascade Menu).

Coaching Tips to Increase your Client’s Motivation

increase motivation and resilience with strengths

Several coaches have mentioned that they are keen to help their clients increase motivation and resilience during these challenging times.

So we have put together some practical steps using the Cascade reports that give fresh inspiration and ideas.

We explain how a strengths-based approach, underpinned by some of the key Cascade tools, can help you increase your client’s energy, focus and zest for life.

Read the full article

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Richard and the Cascade Team

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