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A Community Celebration: the Highlights of 2020

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There’s no doubt that 2020 has been a year of disruption. The global COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges to us all, personally and professionally. However, with every challenge comes new opportunities. So it’s been wonderful to see the coaching community respond in positive and creative ways.

In this final update of the year, we share our highlights of 2020. As business models have needed to pivot to survive, coaches from all around the world have found themselves in a strong position due to their flexibility, creativity and desire for collaboration. Join us to celebrate how the Cascade community has embraced new ways of working and discovered ingenious solutions to support one another.

Virtual World Tour

With the travel restrictions imposed in 2020, we all had to quickly change our way of thinking to transform face-to-face meet-ups into virtual ones. One of our usual yearly highlights is the annual Gallup Summit in Omaha when we enjoy spending meaningful time with coaches from around the world. But this year, we had to find alternative ways of connecting.

So here’s a run through of this year’s key virtual events for the Cascade community. Thank you to everyone who joined in, and especially to our event hosts…

January – USA

Global Strengths Mastermind GSM community Jan 2020

Kicking off the year, Richard led his Global Strengths Mastermind Group (GSM) through some of the less well known techniques for getting the most out of Cascade.

This group has been supporting one another for four years and it’s amazing that we always find new top tips to share!

May – Australia

Workshop materials made easy - Cascade Introduction

Charlotte Blair in Australia launched the CliftonStrengths® Coaching Community Led Learning Series where coaches share their expertise to help and inspire each other.

Gallup’s Jim Collison got the first session off to a great start and introduced Richard who went on to present a taster to Cascade. One of the challenges of virtual sessions in a global context is managing the time difference. So a second repeat session followed at a more sociable time for coaches in Europe!

June – South Africa

Being Human Group strengths South Africa community

Partnering with Yendor Felgate and Magriet Mouton from Being Human Group South Africa, we shared the benefits of Cascade for team coaching. It’s exciting seeing the coaching community steadily growing in South Africa and the other African countries.

July – Philippines

Cascade Strengths Philippines community meetup

Sarah Lumang Medilo from the Strengths Network in the Philippines hosted a session on using Cascade for team coaching.

The packed session also featured Danny Lee talking about the Team Grid report, which graphically displays the CliftonStrengths® themes for a team.

September – New Zealand, USA and Australia

Strengths Network South Pacific community

Jason Henderson from the Strengths Network South Pacific (SNSP) invited Richard to speak at their Meetup on Team Coaching with Cascade. There is quite a community of strengths coaches in New Zealand who were the early adopters when Cascade originally launched.

Brent O'Bannon Strengths Coach

Brent O’Bannon in Texas wanted to share the benefits of Cascade with his group of Mastermind Coaches. So Richard joined them for a session on saving time and creating coaching opportunities with Cascade.

Emma Sharrock

Emma Sharrock in Australia interviewed Richard Sterry as part of her feature on using strengths during the lockdown. Find out more about Richard’s interview in the Strengths in Uncertainty Series.

October – Australia and the Philippines

Going deeper with Cascade

Returning to Australia, Charlotte Blair hosted two pairs of sessions for a global audience as part of the CliftonStrengths Coaching Community Led Learning Series.

Our first session titled “Workshop Materials Made Easy” introduced Cascade. The second “Going Deeper” session explored new tips and tricks.

Strengths Philippines Conference 2020 community

Sarah Lumang Medilo and Pia Nazareno-Acevedo invited Richard back to speak at the Strengths Philippines Conference After Party.

Following their lively conference, we discussed individual coaching tips with Cascade.

Looking ahead to 2021

As we plan for 2021, we’d be delighted to speak at Mastermind groups, Meetups of Strengths Coaches or any strengths or coaching events you are hosting.

We can share the benefits of Cascade for individual or team coaching and help participants get more out of the reports. We will also tailor the session to your specific needs. For both beginners and more advanced users, we can also reveal some timesaving tips and secret features tucked away.

Contact us to discuss your event plans or ideas, even if they’re only vague at this stage. We welcome all opportunities to share Cascade with others!

New 2020 Features

In case you’ve missed any updates along the way, here are the key new features we’ve introduced to Cascade this year:

  • We finalised our set of Language Packs so that the Cascade reports are now available in French, Spanish and German.
  • To help coaches support clients through the uncertainty of lockdown, we created Theme Advantage worksheets for Crisis Management and VUCA. Later we added a further worksheet to improve performance with the SeQuEnCe model.
  • Our new Power of Me worksheet gives people confidence in themselves and encouragement to strive forward.
  • We implemented lots of minor tweaks and improvements for importing themes and creating PDFs.
  • To complement Gallup’s new Domain colors, we created a fresh Cascade logo and branding for our reports.
  • We launched the Cascade Community Facebook group and are loving how the conversations are helping coaches bring more out of the reports.

A few thank yous…

When we see just how much has been achieved this year, we are so grateful for all the input and new connections that have helped bring all the improvements about. So thank you…

  • To everyone for all your suggestions and ideas on how to make Cascade even better.
  • To the coaches we partnered with to create the language packs and new worksheets.
  • For all the extra zoom conversations, online events and opportunities to get to know coaches better.

Do you have the December release of Cascade?

Earlier in December, we released a new version of Cascade with two new worksheets (Performance SeQuEnCe and The Power of Me). Plus we launched the German Language Pack.

The current version is 2.0r05c. To update your copy of Cascade, check out our guide: How to update Cascade to the latest version.

If you need help: please contact us quoting your Cascade license number (C followed by 5 digits at the top of the Cascade Menu).

Thank you – and Merry Christmas!

Thank you for being part of this Cascade Community. It’s been great getting to “meet” lots of you online this year.

We hope that you have a very happy and healthy Christmas. Let’s hope 2021 brings fewer challenges but just as many opportunities for us all to learn, grow and strengthen together.

Richard and the Cascade Team

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