Cascade Connection -Issue 37

Coaching Celebration: Shining a Spotlight on your Success Stories

Cascade Connection news - read the highlights of 2021 and how we've made significant steps forward in strengthening the Strengths movement this year

In our fast-paced world, it can be easy to forget to pause and reflect. But celebrating successes is an important part of learning and motivation. So we’ve created a new way to help you celebrate – and share – your coaching achievements.

In this issue…

  • Discover coaching celebration stories from coaches Dana and Jude, and be inspired by how they have both made a difference to their clients.
  • We’d love to hear your story too. So we’ll explain how you can tell us about your coaching celebration by completing a quick and easy online form.
  • There’s also a new Cascade release coming soon. So we want to make sure you’ve updated your support renewal to get access to the new features.

Coaching Celebration Stories

Taking a moment to celebrate a coaching experience is often overlooked. It can be so easy to move straight onto the next client or tomorrow’s demands. As we are passionate about supporting and inspiring coaches, we want to help making celebrating easy too.

Let’s start by enjoying celebration stories shared by two experienced CliftonStrengths® coaches:

Small thing, big difference

Dana Williams shares her example of how a simple task helped a team manager better appreciate the strengths of his team with great results.

Dana Williams Strengths Coach

Opening up possibilities

Jude Mackwell shares her experience of how she helped a client see new options for the way forward.

Jude Mackwell career coach

How to share your coaching celebration

Do you have a coaching story we can highlight? We’d love to help you appreciate those special moments and shine a spotlight on your success.

To submit your coaching celebration, all your need to do is fill in our online form. We’ve made it super easy by giving you some prompt questions. It’s up to you how much detail you give.

We look forward to reading your inspiring stories soon!

New Cascade Features Coming Soon: Are You Ready?

In the next issue, we will be sharing a new special feature for the Strengths Advantage worksheets and take a fresh look at the Team Grid. So we want to make sure you’re ready to benefit from these improvements..

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