Cascade Connection -Issue 38

Custom Strengths Advantage: Making a Powerful Tool even more Special

Cascade Connection news - read the highlights of 2021 and how we've made significant steps forward in strengthening the Strengths movement this year

One of our core values is helping you create new opportunities for coaching insights and conversations. In simple, effective and efficient ways. So we’re super excited to have launched a new Cascade feature to do just that.

In this issue, discover…

Create your own Strengths Advantage Worksheet

Strengthening the Strengths Movement through 20 Different Strengths Advantage Worksheets

Cascade’s range of Strengths Advantage worksheets are a hugely popular tool. They help people to focus and direct their strengths in a specific situation, increasing performance and effectiveness.

Currently there are 20 Strengths Advantage worksheets in Cascade covering a wide range of situations. But even this number doesn’t tackle every scenario you might come across. So we’ve gone one step further – and developed a way for you to create your own worksheet.

For example, perhaps you’re working with a group and you want to focus their strengths towards a specific set of competencies or corporate values. So we now have an option where you can create your own custom set of questions for the Strengths Advantage worksheet. The possibilities are endless!

IMPORTANT: This new option is only available with the Bonus Pack and the latest version of Cascade. So make sure you have version 2.0r05h which has just been released. Check out the section below for more on how to upgrade.

“This new Custom option to create my own Strengths Advantage worksheets is a true game changer for me. It will open up so many more options whilst not impacting my time. This is truly empowering the coaches.”

Deon Rademeyer – Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, Sydney, Australia.

Continuing our Coaching Celebrations

In the last issue, we were delighted to launch our Coaching Celebration Stories as a way of highlighting your successes. We hope you found it inspirational and encouraging!

We’re thrilled to feature another story in this issue…

Team Collaboration

Jennifer McNelly shares how the Board of Directors discovered the importance of a well rounded team.

Do you have a story to share? It’s super easy to submit your coaching celebration. All you need to do is fill in our online form and answer the prompt questions.

New Features in Cascade

Download the new version of Cascade to benefit from the latest features. Here are the highlights:

  • Create your own Strengths Advantage worksheet. In the Settings section of the Cascade Menu, you can enter your custom questions for your desired topic or situation. Once complete, select ‘Custom’ at the bottom of the drop-down list in the Strengths Advantage page to see your very own worksheet.
  • See the new look for the Team Grid. Showing the top 10 or more themes in the Team Grid can make the page look cluttered. We’ve adjusted the shading of the cells for themes 6-15 and 29-34 to create a cleaner look.
  • Hide the Lesser Theme narrative in the My 34 reports. The words for the bottom 5 themes in the My 34 report are not always appropriate. There’s now a button at the top of the page to hide this text.

The latest version is 2.0r05h (see more details in the Change Log). Upgrade your copy today. Don’t forget that if you have a current Support license, you can upgrade for free!

If you need help updating your version of Cascade or renewing your support package, please contact us.

You can also schedule a Zoom meeting so that we can guide you through updating or using Cascade. Visit our calendar to book a free session.

Discover and Connect

Thank you for being part of the Cascade Community, and we hope you enjoy exploring the new features!

Richard, Jill and the Cascade Team

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    Thank you Richard and team!! I love it how you’re always evolving and maximising the incredible resources you provide for all us coaches. Hugely appreciated 🙂

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