Cascade Connection – Issue 5

Cascade connection news letter tips help advice support communityWelcome to the June edition of Cascade Connection. A warm welcome if you recently joined the Cascade Community, especially if you are still deciding whether to use Cascade. I hope you all find something here of interest.
As Gallup is making it easier for clients to access their full 34 theme sequence, we show how Cascade can assist these coaching conversations. We also look at some of the new features planned for the next release of Cascade.

June 2018

All 34 Theme Report

Coaching conversations initially focus on the top 5 themes. Revealing all 34 themes provides deeper insights and a greater perspective. Using the All 34 Report in Cascade you can see the full 34 theme sequences side by side for a team.

Cascade Strengths All 34 theme report Gallup strengthsfinderPlay with the display options to find a view that works best for you. Try selecting the ‘Top 10 and Bottom 5’ themes to create a cleaner page, it hides the supporting themes in the middle. Viewing the themes beyond the Top 5 requires the Bonus Pack.

Theme Identification
Use the yellow selection boxes on the right of the page to choose which themes to identify. This will pick out a particular theme across the people on the page. You may notice some themes of similarity and contrast amongst the team members. These observations can be good conversation starters.

Tip: Under each person’s name is a small radio button. Click on this button for one person then press the Identify Top 5 button. A box appears around the Top 5 themes for that person, along with those same themes for everyone else.

If there are more than six people in the team, change the names and print out another report.

Coaching with the All 34 Theme Report

Charlotte Blair from Australia, who is presenting a session at this year’s Summit, shares her experience with the All 34 theme report.

“I have used the 34 tab for a number of different groups to date. Where I find it the most effective is with Executive Teams. Recently I used it to show an Exec team of 8 to show their collective Full 34 talents and in this instance where the Responsibility® lay collectively for them (which was Top 10 for 6/8 of them) it was useful for them to think about how this might be seen or experienced by others, where it Helps and where it might Hinder.

I really like the fact that the full 34 are shown in their domain colours which helps participants easily see where they sit in the 4 domains, something that is not shown in the Gallup theme sequence report.  I find it so handy that I can choose Top 10 and bottom 5 as well as full 34.  Showing Top 10 and bottom 5 has been valuable with another exec team who were very high in Competition® and Command® but low in Empathy® and Harmony® except for one.  This again was a simple visual representation that lead to deeper discussions.

All 34 strengths theme sequence Charlotte Blair Cascade Report


Another way I use it is when Pairing people off.  In a group of 10 this week I have created a double-sided sheet with all 10 participants full 34 but purposely shown them next to each other with some contrasting people and themes so they can see where they think, feel and behave so differently to each other.”

I like the way Charlotte pairs people together with contrasting themes for a greater impact. This technique can also work well with the Team Profiles report.

Strengths Twins and Beyond

The Strengths Twins registrations are very popular at the moment. As a result, we are pairing more people together who share the same Top 5 themes. One group now has seven members, forming Strengths Septuplets. Interestingly, all the themes for this group are in the Strategic Thinking domain.

Yesterday at the Gallup Alumni in London, I met a pair of Strengths Twins who were connected via the website. They had instantly clicked and are loving their new friendship.

Called To Coach with Richard Sterry

Thank you for all your support and feedback following the Called to Coach session last month. If you missed it, you can still listen on the replay where there is also a transcript. You can jump to the different parts of the conversation.Gallup Called to Coach with Richard Sterry Cascade strengths church


  • 3:30 Introducing Strengths in a church setting
  • 6:50 Local issues when sharing Strengths in Europe
  • 10:20 The story behind Cascade
  • 26:00 Cascade Demo

What’s Next with Cascade?

Listening to your comments and identifying opportunities, Cascade continues to strive forward. The next release of Cascade will feature three major enhancements.

  • Create personalised PDF reports for each person in a team with just a few clicks. (This feature will require Excel 2016 for Windows or Mac).
  • Dig deeper with all 34 themes. A new report showing all 34 themes for an individual with theme insights and a personal Spark Chart.
  • Create specific worksheets for coaching sessions. Help clients see how they can apply their themes across the domains and in given situations such as; Leadership, Change, Decision Making, Project Management etc.

We plan to release these improvements along with other minor tweaks early in July. Some of the features will only be available with the Bonus Pack.

2018 Summit

In July I will be at the Summit in Omaha. It will be great to meet as many of you as possible, either on the Sunday and Monday beforehand or at the event itself.

Your Story

Thank you Charlotte for your contribution this month. Also a special thank you to those are testing and providing feedback on the new Cascade developments.
We would love to share your experiences with the Cascade reports inspiring others with their workshops and coaching. Please Contact us with any comments or your Cascade story.

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