Cascade Connection – Issue 7

Cascade connection news letter tips help advice support communityWelcome to the August edition of the Cascade Connection, especially if you have recently joined the Cascade Community. We reflect on the Clifton Strengths Summit in Omaha and cover some common questions when setting out with Cascade. Deon shares how he uses Cascade with Q12 and we mention some very special Strengths Twins.

Issue 7

Clifton Strengths Summit

Common Questions

Talking to the Cascade Community, a couple of questions are frequently emerging.

Should I put all my clients in one copy of Cascade?

One early question when setting out with Cascade is how to store the themes for different groups of people.

Some coaches use a new copy of Cascade for each organisation. Apart from creating lots of Cascade files, this can get messy when there is a software update. We recommend where possible to store all your clients or staff in one copy of Cascade.

The Theme Table page has four columns (A-D) on the left to categorise your clients. You can rename the headings and use the columns to suit your client base or company. Think about how you want to group your clients together when creating reports. You can use the organisation name, the team or the workshop session etc.

In the Team page, use these categories to select the people for the Team Grid.

See the Theme Table page for more information.

Why are new clients not appearing in the reports?

Another common question occurs when adding a new person. Their themes are in the Theme Table but their name does not appear in the drop-down lists for the reports.

Cascade issue 7 QuestionsThe Team page defines the list of people for the reports. Use the Team Grid to select the organisation or team, then all the other reports will represent those people. The drop-down lists for the individual reports refer to the names on the Team Grid.

After adding a new person to the Theme Table, make sure you can see them in the Team Grid, then they will appear in the drop-down lists for the other reports.

When leaving the Team page, there is a process to regenerate the list of names for the reports. It is therefore important to view the Team page after adding people to the Theme Table.

See Getting Started for more information.

Tip: The Theme Table has two columns for the email address and Date (columns I and J). These are only present in Cascade as the columns exist in the Gallup export file. You do not need to manually enter information here as it is not used elsewhere in Cascade. Feel free to use this space for any additional information or notes.


Gallup’s Q12 assessment captures the level of engagement with 12 key questions. It is a useful benchmark to run before and after a strengths-based program to measure the effectiveness of the program. When setting up the Q12 assessment, the Group Reporting feature filters the results by additional factors. These can be by Team, Generation, Location, Part Time / Full Time, Volunteer / Paid etc.
Gallup Q12 engagement survey Cascade

 from Sydney, adds a new dimension to Cascade with Q12. He writes.

“If you use Q12 and Strengths, then you may find this approach useful.
I use Group Reporting in Q12 e.g. By Team, By Role, By Generation, By Location etc. Then I use Cascade to mirror these Groups using Columns A-D in the Theme Table Tab to align to the Q12 Groups. I then pull the Team Grid and Team Summary for each of these Groups. Now you have an engagement view by Groups and a Strengths view by Group.

In addition, I then take the Team’s Top 5 and create them as a Person in the Theme Table – this then allows me to pull a Personal Insights view of the Team as a whole.”

This is a great example of bringing the tools together to enhance the outcome. How do you use Cascade with other assessments or tools?


Feedback and Reviews

We love hearing and sharing your feedback about how Cascade is making a difference for you and your clients. Please take a moment to leave a review on our Facebook page or on our website.

Identical Matches

In July we discovered two pairs of Identical Strengths Twins. That’s two pairs of people who both share the same top 5 themes in the same order. What is more, we found both pairs on the same day!

To register your interest in finding your Strengths Twin, visit

Thank you

The Cascade Community came alive in Omaha. Thank you Rhonda Knight for arranging the Meet Up on Sunday evening and 34 Strong with Brandon Miller for your event on Monday evening. Both events actively shared the news about Cascade, thanks to your enthusiasm and the Woo-Warriors. Trying not to forget anyone, thank you Alicia, Carol Anne, Charlotte, Deon, Katherine, Kathie, Karen, Karin, Jennifer, Jim, Joe and the name I can’t remember.

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