Cascade Connection – Issue 8

Cascade connection theme insights discovery cardsIn the September edition of the Cascade Connection, we take a closer look at the Personal Insights report in Cascade. There is a new way to get answers to frequent questions and we are seeking feedback from Strengths Twins.
A special welcome to those who have recently joined the Cascade Community.

Issue 8

Personal Insights Report

Cascade strengths finder theme insights Gallup discovery cards One of the popular individual reports is the Personal Insights page. Reproduced under our License Agreement with Gallup, it contains the information from the Theme Insight and Theme Discovery cards. Gathering the content for a person’s top 5 themes, it creates a powerful one-page summary. This is an excellent takeaway after a workshop or coaching session.

Some coaches laminate the Personal Insights and the Bring / Need reports back to back, making a longer lasting memento.

Increase Connection

Brenda Bernstof from Tennessee, USA describes how she uses the Personal Insight report.

I use the theme insights to help people really connect with their dominant themes. As they work through the descriptive words, what each theme will be – internally, what each theme does – action-oriented, the value they bring, the needs they have to function really well in that theme, the motivators, and demotivators, they identify themselves very well with that theme and begin to understand why some things are important to them and others are not. They can see why they are who they are and why they do what they do. 

The Theme Comparisons on the insight page are very useful to clarify differences between themes – not that one is right and the other is wrong – they simply clarify differences in a comparative theme.’

Power Paragraph

Karen Weigel from Cultivate 2 Conquer in Alexandria MN, USA writes.

In Cascade, there is a snapshot of Strengths [Personal Insights report] you can use for each client. That snapshot has columns for descriptive words, the role I play, the value I bring, who I am, what I bring…etc. I make my clients do a Power Paragraph about themselves using those descriptive words from their snapshot. It’s super awesome!!

So for example, my top 5 strengths are Positivity, Empathy, Activator, Relator & Developer. My power paragraph looks like this:

Power Paragraph Karin Weigel

Have them do a paragraph now, then at your next session have them do a new one! Each time the paragraph gets bigger and more descriptive as they learn more about their special strengths in motion!!

I tell them to OWN their awesomeness!! They really love the exercise. We rarely tell ourselves how awesome we are!’

Feedback from Karin’s clients include

We rarely think about ourselves in terms of strengths and what we bring to a team! This is amazing insight! Not only for us individually but collectively!
Thank you for making us do this exercise and having us OWN our uniqueness!
I am framing this and putting in my kitchen so my family knows what a Rock Star I am!
From a Manager: ‘The way you describe and see yourselves is powerful and insightful and these will be posted in our gathering room!

Cascade Support Hub

Cascade strengths support help questions answers FAQ KBIn response to the number of questions arriving about Cascade, we are launching a Support hub with a host of helpful information. Divided into sections, there are answers to questions like;

Will Cascade run on my Computer?
How can I import themes from the Gallup Strengths Center?
Can I insert a report into PowerPoint?
How can I email people with a certain theme?

Do make use of the information available and let us know what other questions you would like us to cover. In time we will delve into some of the more complicated pages in Cascade to help you make the most of the features. The Support Hub replaces the previous Q&A page of the website.

Receiving Cascade Updates

As the number of people using Cascade nears 500, we need to find more stable and efficient ways to distribute the updates.

Previously, we sent the Cascade file out as a bulky email attachment. Increasingly, the emails found themselves in the Junk folder or were blocked completely by corporate firewalls. To create a more reliable service, we are now sending out links which will download the Cascade file. You will be able to click on the link and save the Cascade file to your computer. What is more, the name of the link will not change, so when there is an update to Cascade, you can click on the same link to receive the latest file.

Feedback and Reviews

Thank you for all your conversations about Cascade on the Facebook groups, we really appreciate your support. Do share how Cascade is making a difference for you and your clients. Please take a moment to Like or leave a review on our Facebook page, alternatively post a testimonial on our website.

Have you found your Strengths Twin?

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Next Issue

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Thank you to Brenda and Karin for your contributions to this edition.

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