Cascade Connection – Issue 9

Cascade connection theme insights discovery cardsHow do you use the Cascade Spark Chart?

Welcome to the October edition of the Cascade Connection. We take a closer look at the Cascade Spark Chart and explore how it can enhance a workshop. Also, discover what is on the horizon for Cascade with new time-saving features.

Spark of Inspiration

Cascade spark chart strengthsfinder image graph visualThe Cascade Spark Chart visually represents the shape of a team. All the 34 CliftonStrengths® themes sit on the outside of the circle, in quadrants of the four domains. The longer the sparkline, the more people in the team have that theme.

The Spark Chart shows the intensity and distribution of the themes individually and by Domain. Comparing the Spark Charts from several teams can reveal how they differ. In addition to the theme distribution across the Domains; one team may have a wide spread of themes – lots of short lines – while another may have very specific dominant themes – a few long lines.

The Cascade Spark Chart is available as a report on it own or with the Bonus Pack, it is part of the Team Summary report. Depending on the choice in the Team Grid, the Spark Chart will show the top 5 or top 10 themes for the team.

Following the Spark Chart concept, there is a Personal Spark for an individual in the My 34 report.

Four Needs of Followers

As the executive director of ASSP, Jennifer McNelly, a Gallup-certified coach, is leveraging Cascade to better engage staff, volunteer leaders and her Board of Directors. It all starts with understanding the needs of followers and Cascade helps communicate those needs.

‘Just off a week of Leadership Development anchored in Strengths and wanted to share a few visuals I shared with my Board from Cascade. After the initial session, I leveraged Cascade to help them understand that leadership is a two-way street. To lead, you need followers, including staff. The visual when just looking at themselves helped to identify their needs. When I switched to talk about the needs of followers, a member of the Board had their “Ah Ha” moment on the connection between their role and staff. It was super cool!’

Cascade Spark Chart compare team strengths Gallup strengthsfinder

In addition, there is the ‘Leadership’ worksheet in the Theme Advantage page of Cascade. It helps leaders see how they can use their themes to their advantage when providing the four needs of followers. Trust, Stability, Compassion and Hope.

Looking Ahead with Cascade

Over 500 coaches across 39 different countries are now benefiting from Cascade. As the Cascade Community grows, we appreciate all your support and feedback.

Responding to your ideas and comments, we have lots to offer in the months ahead.

  • To simplify navigation, we are creating a new Home screen that will provide a central dashboard to drive all the report pages. It will have a fresher look and be more intuitive for ease of use. Several new timesaving features will help streamline the production of the reports.
  • The reports will be easier to print for Top 5, Top 10 or Top 15 themes. Multiple page reports will appear in one PDF file or can be printed on both sides of the paper.
  • We are in the final negotiations with Gallup to offer the Cascade reports in alternative languages. This will include French (European), Spanish (European) and Spanish (Latin American).

As you would expect, all these new features require quite a bit of technical development. We are beavering away to hopefully release the new version by the end of the year.

We are also continuing to test Cascade on Office 2019, released in September. So far the results are looking promising.

Cascade Support Hub

Last month we launched the Support hub with answers to many of your questions. We will build on this to include sections for each of the report pages. The aim is for you to find answers to issues and discover useful features. There is a search box in the right sidebar to quickly find the right information.

Feedback and Reviews

Spending our time deep inside Cascade, we have not been very vocal recently on the social media channels. Please continue to share how Cascade is helping you with your coaching as the Strengths Movement expands. Feel free to Like or leave a review on our Facebook page, alternatively post a testimonial on our website.

Next Issue

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Thank you, Jennifer McNelly, for sharing your workshop experience in this edition.

If you have any questions, please just ask.