Cascade Professional

Following Gallup’s acquisition of Cascade, it is no longer possible to purchase Cascade from here at Releasing Strengths.

See how to get your copy of Cascade at Cascade moves to Gallup Access.








Cascade Professional brings all your staff CliftonStrengths® theme information in one place. Select a variety of Team Grid combinations for each department or pick out those with a certain theme. As a central store, Cascade is ideal to manage the themes for all the staff in an organisation. Choose your own criteria to identify ways to select individuals, by their department, team, management level, or location etc.

Easily produce an array of reports and charts for teams or individuals with information licensed from Gallup.  Many of the visual reports help to bring the themes and their combinations to life, increasing understanding for your staff or clients. Visibly show how each team or department is different with the Cascade Spark Chart. Add credibility to your coaching team with enhanced professional reports and additional theme insights.

Printing Team Grids for a workshop with staff in a specific team is very straightforward. In fact, printing all the reports is quick and easy, leaving you to focus on your coaching.

Entering the theme details is very easy with the Gallup export file from Gallup Access.

Follow the link to find out more about the Cascade strengths reports. See what other coaches are saying in their reviews.

Feature List

Cascade is supplied with a number of reports and charts. Here is a summary of the features.

Team Reports
  • Enhanced Team Grid – select and sort clients by name or a range of categories.
  • Frequency Chart – view the graphical theme distribution for a team.
  • Word Cloud Text – paste the prepared text of the team’s themes into a word cloud generator.
  • Spark Chart – visually see a team’s distribution of themes in domain colours.
  • Team Profiles – see individual theme/domain profiles for those in a team.
  • All 34 – list the top 5 themes for up to 6 people side by side. 
  • Team Roles – help each team member identify their contribution towards the success of the team.
  • Power of 2 – facilitate a discussion between any two people who need to get along together.
Individual Reports
  • Personal Insights – a summary of the top 5 theme characteristics for a client.
  • My Domain – a graphical view of the four domains and the top 5/10 themes for a client.
  • Bring / Need – a powerful description of the contributions and needs for a client’s top 5 themes.
  • Name Tent – a ready to print name tent with the top 5 themes in the domain colours.
  • Labels – customise and print name labels for clients with their top 5 themes.
Other Features
  • Import clients and themes directly from the Gallup Access export file.
  • Store the themes for 2000 clients.
  • Switch the language for all the reports between English US, English UK, French, Spanish and German.
  • Save reports in PDF to email to clients.
  • Drop the PDF reports into PowerPoint for workshop presentations.


Cascade runs on Microsoft Excel for Windows or Mac incorporating several advanced features to bring a seamless and visual package.  Cascade requires MS Office 2019, 2021 or Microsoft 365.

The recommended platforms for Cascade are Excel for Windows and Excel for Mac.

Due to the wide variety of content featured in Cascade, Numbers for Mac does not support all the technical functions required. Cascade does not function properly on Google SheetsOfficeLive or LibreOffice, several of the graphical elements distort and a few of the critical functions are not available. We do not recommend using Cascade on these platforms.

Cascade also requires that Macros are Enabled. In corporate environments, make sure that the use of macros is permitted.

Excel Online does not support macros so Cascade does not function properly with Excel Online.