German Language Reports for Cascade


Create Cascade reports in German. Impress your clients with personalised reports of the CliftonStrengths® themes in the German language.

Whether it is for a whole team or just one individual, add a personal touch with the reports in their local language.

This is an add-on product which requires an existing copy of Cascade. It is a one-time fee.

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Add the German language to your collection of reports in Cascade.

Let your clients read their reports, based on the CliftonStrengths® themes, in German. The CliftonStrengths theme names can remain in English or use the German translations. Due to space limitations, the Theme Advantage worksheets are only in English, all the others have a German option.

It is very easy to add a language to your existing Cascade license giving you the extra features.

The language pack requires a full copy of Cascade, either Cascade Personal or Cascade Professional. At the Checkout, you will need to quote your License number which is at the top of the Cascade Menu.

After purchase, you will receive within a few hours your own unique code. Enter it in the Modules part of the Menu to activate the German language for the reports.

Switching between languages is straight forward in Cascade. Go to the Settings part of the Menu and select the language from the drop-down list.


The translations for the Gallup material are provided by Gallup and reproduced under license. Gallup Certified Coaches in Spain and America have kindly translated the material unique to Cascade. We are grateful for their work in making this possible.

We also have language packs for French and Spanish.


Product Options

Cascade is available with two different licence types depending on your usage.

Cascade Personal 
Limited to self-employed coaches with their own coaching practice. Cascade is licensed to one coach where their name and company appears on all of the client reports.

Cascade Professional
Designed for coaches working in a department for an organisation in the same location. Cascade is licensed to the organisation where the organisation’s name and location are shown in the reports. The same location is defined by the same town/city. Geographically spread organisations will require a separate licence of Cascade for each location.

The user(s) are not permitted to electronically distribute Cascade or use it beyond the limits of the licence. Sharing the whole of Cascade with a client is not acceptable.

Bonus Pack
The Bonus Pack adds another level to many of the Cascade reports. It provides a second page to the team reports for larger teams. The individual reports have the option to show the theme characteristics beyond the top 5, displaying themes 6 to 10.

Go Large
Cascade as standard can accommodate up to 500 clients or staff. The Go Large option expands the capacity to 2000 clients. This is beneficial for larger organisations and coaches who have a large client base.

Language Packs
New for 2020 is the ability to create the reports in French, Spanish and German. There is an easy way to change the language in the Settings part of the Cascade Menu.


• The Cascade strengths reports are subject to Copyright © 2020 Releasing Strengths. They cannot be decompiled or modified beyond their intended use.
•  As part of Releasing Strengths licence agreement with Gallup, Cascade or its reports cannot be sold as products to third parties.
• Documentation resulting from Cascade may be circulated to third parties, in printed or electronic form (.PDF), without written permission provided the copyright notices remain intact on the documents.
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