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The PDF Theme Export service helps coaches gather client’s CliftonStrengths® themes to import into Cascade. This is particularly useful where it is not possible to download the client themes to a spreadsheet file. It saves endless manual entry of the themes and increases accuracy.

The price is for a batch of reports. Enter the number of client reports where you want to export themes.
The larger the quantity, the smaller the price per report.


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Taking a Gallup report we can export themes from the PDF, presenting them in a simple spreadsheet. The spreadsheet information is in a format ready to import into Cascade. Save typing all 34 themes manually for each person, let us help you.

We can read the Gallup Theme Sequence Report and the CliftonStrengths® 34 Report CS34. These must be the original PDF documents and not a scan of a printed document. Please ask if you have any further requirements.

How it works

  1. Place your order with the number of reports to convert. The price reduces per report for larger quantities.
  2. Send us the PDFs of the reports. Either zip up the files in an email or share the files in a DropBox folder.
  3. We export themes for each person and send you a spreadsheet with the data.
  4. Import the spreadsheet information straight into Cascade and create your Cascade reports.
  5. When you are happy with the result, we delete all client personal information from our systems.

We usually process orders within 24 hours from receiving the information and confirmation of payment.

As Gallup moves from the Gallup Strengths Center to Gallup Access, there is no export feature at the moment in Access. The export feature is due to arrive with the transition in the latter part of September 2019. This service to export the themes from the PDF reports is becoming popular with coaches.

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