Cascade Personal – 12m Support Pack


Please Contact us before purchasing a Support Pack. Often, you can receive the latest version of Cascade with your current Support package.

The latest version of Cascade is 2.0r05h (shown at the top of the Cascade Menu). If you are on an earlier version, please Contact us first to explore the options. You may be entitled to a free update!

The Support Pack enables you to receive the latest version of Cascade and technical assistance on the product.

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This Support Pack is for Cascade Personal only.

For your peace of mind, stay up to date with the latest version of Cascade. Benefit from the new features and if it all starts going horribly wrong just before an important workshop, there is help at hand.

During the support period, you can request and receive free updates for Cascade. New releases are announced in the Cascade Connection newsLetter and the details of the updates are provided in the Change Log. Remeber to opt-in to receive Cascade Connection at the Checkout or sign up here.


The Support Pack extends the maintenance of Cascade for 12 months beyond the expiry date. If the maintenance has already expired, the Support Pack will commence at the time of purchase for 12 months.

Support relates to the whole Cascade package, including any Add-On products such as the Bonus Pack or Go Large. The expiry date of the support refers to the Cascade base product, irrespective of the purchase date for any Add-On products.

The Support Service covers the technical use of Cascade to the purchaser. It does not cover Excel features beyond the use of Cascade or IT support beyond the internal use of Excel.

Support is available during UK Business hours on UK Business days (GMT / GMT+1).

See the full Terms and Conditions relating to support and updates.