Cascade Connection -Issue 21

Cascade Connection -Issue 21

Cascade connection theme insights discovery cardsDeeper Conversations

Coaches tell us that Cascade reports enable them to take client discussions to a new level. They encourage deeper conversations. And more meaningful results.

In this update, we explore some inspiring stories that show just how true this is. Especially in the areas of resolving conflict, team building and confident networking. Plus we share a preview of Gallup’s new Domain colours, and how we’re adapting the Cascade reports to match:

Coaching through conflict

Following Amy Fredrick’s excellent presentation in the Gallup At Work Summit, we caught up with her for a quick chat.

In this short video, Amy describes how she uses Cascade’s Power of 2 report to quickly resolve conflict between team members. And how this has a powerful effect on the whole team…

When you quickly resolve the conflict between two individuals, the tension in the team is relieved – and engagement and productivity increase.”

Empowering deeper conversations with Brings & Needs

Cascade bring need strengthsfinder deeper conversations contributions confidence

Coaches tell us that one of the most useful items in Cascade is the Brings & Needs report. By clearly identifying what a person’s themes bring and what they need, this report is a powerful tool.

We’ve been excited to hear the many different ways in which coaches are sharing and using the Brings & Needs reports with their clients.

Let’s take a look at some inspiring examples so you can see how…

A cover page to help you share with the whole team

Alicia Santamaria Gallup Strengths coach deeper conversations

Cascade’s Brings & Needs Report is one of my clients’ favorites! In addition to using them in my 1-1 coaching, they are a very powerful tool to use with teams.

Previously, I only provide people with their own Brings & Needs report. Now I make Bring/Need packets for each team member, complete with a cover page and a copy of everyone’s Brings & Needs Reports.

One activity is to have participants identify (and share) a contribution they want to make sure their colleagues know about and a key need they have that might currently be unfulfilled. There are several other ways to use the report in the session and afterwards, which are outlined on the cover page.

My clients tell me over and over again how valuable this information is to help them understand themselves and each other better. Thank you Cascade!

Alicia Santamaria CEO, adelante coaching + consulting

Finding talking points

Ken Bar Jr from Michigan is a Gallup Strengths Coach and Licensed Professional Counselor, working frequently in education and non-profit sectors. In this short film, he shares how he uses the Brings & Needs report to generate talking points.

Ken Barr Jr Brings Needs

“It has the power to change the way you interact with your colleagues.”

Building networking confidence

Meryl Naisby from Johannesburg, South Africa encourages her clients to actively share their Brings & Needs report with colleagues.

Meryl Naisby South Africa deeper conversations

I find this gives my clients the confidence to use the report to further network within their organisation and share it with people from different areas within the business.”

Read how Meryl works with the Brings & Needs report in the full conversation.

New Domain colours

In August, Gallup will be changing the Domain colours in order to make them ADA (American Disability Act) compliant.

The most noticeable difference is the Strategic Thinking domain changing from Red to Green.

To keep in step, we will reflect these changes in Cascade with a new release also in August. As you can see, we’ve already begun drafting the new-look Team Grid, Personal Insights report and Team Summary

Gallup domain colors green CliftonStrengths reports

Did you Know?

Whilst we’re always happy to answer your queries, don’t forget that our Support Hub provides help for frequently asked questions.

Cascade help support search

Many of our website pages also have a search feature to find relevant articles. Enter a keyword for the topic you need, then see a shortlist of articles.

Next Time

In our next update, we’ll have information about the release of Cascade with the new domain colours. And lots more inspirational stories of great coaching work happening around the world!

Thank you for being part of this Strengths Community and please get in touch if you have a Cascade story to share, or just want a chat.

Richard and the Cascade Team

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Cascade Connection -Issue 20

Cascade Connection -Issue 20

Cascade connection theme insights discovery cardsStrengths Community

It’s all about community and building relationships. That’s our Cascade business philosophy. By learning and understanding your needs as a community of Strengths coaches, we are better equipped to create tools that help you most.

In this issue, we have a wealth of updates that we hope will continue to build our relationship with, and support of, you. And also help expand the Strengths community.

Here’s what’s included:

NEW: Strengths Reports in Spanish

Spanish language espanol strengths

Following the success of the Cascade French Language Pack, we are thrilled to announce the release of our new Spanish Language Pack.

The Add-On module provides the popular Cascade reports in Spanish, enabling you to reach out to a whole new community. With the option to show theme names in Spanish or English, you now have even greater flexibility to produce reports to best suit your client’s needs.

Take advantage of our Introductory Discount with the code LPDC to receive 20% off. This also applies to the French Language Pack and is available until the end of June 2020.

A big thank you to José and Caroline for their support and help in creating the Spanish addition to Cascade.

Jose Valcarcel strengths coach

José Miguel Valcárcel lives in Madrid, Spain. He is an expert in C-Level, Team & One to One Coaching, with extensive experience and networks in the HR field. He’s also a lecturer in the most popular Spanish and South American business schools.

Caroline Pollard coach

Caroline Pollard from Lewisville, Texas has a Masters Degree in Spanish with extensive teaching experience. She is now a Partner Trainer at Camp Gladiator.

How the Spanish Language Pack is already making a difference…

Jo Self Gallup Strengths Coach

Jo Self from Lima in Peru regularly coaches in English and Spanish.

Jo writes:

I am in love with Cascade – even more so now that I can use it with my clients in Spanish! What was always an incredibly useful tool before has really become a lifesaver as most of my organizational client base is located in Latin America. It’s also helpful with individual clients, but nothing else makes prepping for teams a breeze like Cascade does.

This is another step forward for Cascade and we are currently working on the German version. Watch out for its release later this summer.

Gallup Summit – Wish we were there

Richard Sterry

One of the highlights of the year for many of us is travelling to the US and meeting lots of friendly faces at the annual Gallup Summit.

Richard says:

I will really miss meeting people in person at the Summit this year. Although the formal sessions are always invaluable, I find it’s the social times around the event which make it so special.

The chance meetings in the conference center, mass gatherings in local restaurants, meaningful conversations when just hanging out in the hotel lobby… I shall miss all of these interactions. I’m hopeful we can replicate some of them virtually via the more informal, online breakout sessions Gallup are scheduling. But I will look forward to doing them in person even more next year!

For me, the Summit is all about building relationships and keeping in touch. Gallup are doing their best to make the online version as informative and interactive as possible. But if like me, you will also miss the more informal opportunities, then why not book a time in my calendar for a Zoom chat? I’d love to “meet” with you!

As a Summit Special, we are giving 10% off Cascade Professional and Cascade Personal until the end of June 2020. Use Discount code SUMMIT at the checkout.

NEW: Community Contribution

In this new section, we want to highlight and share the contribution a coach is making to the strengths community. This month we meet Charlotte Blair in Australia – you may already know her!

Charlotte Blair – The Strengths Partners

Charlotte Blair Gallup Strengths Coach

Charlotte first discovered her own Strengths in 2014 whilst working at Verizon as a Sales Account Manager. She spent 12 years there based in both the UK and Australia. But on changing career to Coaching and Leadership, she set up The Strengths Partners with another coach. She is a Revolutionary for Learning Republic and loves combining Strengths with other Leadership tools and frameworks.
Activator® WOO® Command® Arranger® Positivity® Responsibilty® Communication® Maximizer® Individualisation® Significance®

I focus mainly on teams within the Corporate environment as I feel I can have a greater impact with larger groups. I also LOVE coaching and mentoring other coaches, both new and experienced. Here again, I feel I can help others to go on and help more people and the ripple effect increases. 

During COVID-19 where clients changed from physical workshops to online sessions, I’ve drawn on my Activator and Arranger to arrange Community Learning. This fed my WOO and Significance too.

Cascade is a game-changer for me. I recommend it to every new coach I coach and to my corporate clients.  It saves so much time and allows you to add significant value to your clients.

Charlotte is very active in the strengths coaching Facebook pages. Her new Lead Learning Series group includes a couple of webinars featuring Cascade. In addition to being a guest on Gallup’s Called 2 Coach, she presented at the 2018 Gallup Summit.

Thank you, Charlotte for your energy, enthusiasm and contribution to the coaching community.

Little Announcement – Big Numbers!

We love how you keep telling your friends about Cascade and are forever grateful. There are now over 1200 coaches benefiting from Cascade across 47 countries.

Thank you so much for helping to grow the Cascade Strengths Community.

Cascade Strengths world map
World map of Cascade Strengths Reports in action

Help I’m Stuck

Whilst we’re always happy to answer your queries, don’t forget that our Support Hub provides help for frequent questions.

Use the Search box to enter a keyword and see a list of relevant articles. Some of the latest instructions include:

How to upgrade to the latest version
Exporting themes from Gallup Access for Cascade
How to change the language for the reports
How to combine several reports into one PDF

Cascade website help

Also, in each of the pages in Cascade, use the green ? to open the relevant page on our website. This will tell you how to use the page and provide additional coaching suggestions.

Begin with the End in Mind

Finally we leave you with something to think about…

Things are certainly going to be different as we come out of lockdown. For ourselves and for our clients. How can you help your clients prepare for the next season? What will team dynamics look like when staff return to a physical office? Will they interact differently in person or still want to use Zoom from their desks?

None of us quite know the answers to these questions and more yet. But at least by framing the questions now, we can start down the path to figuring out how best to support our clients as things progress. And here at Cascade, we will continue to help you do that.

Thank you for being part of this Strengths Community and please get in touch if you have a Cascade story to share, or just want a chat.

Richard and the Cascade Team

Cascade Connection -Issue 19

Cascade Connection -Issue 19

Cascade connection theme insights discovery cardsBoost your Strengths Advantage

Understanding and focusing on our strengths can give us all an advantage during these uncertain times. In this issue, we highlight how Cascade’s latest features are designed to help boost your strengths advantage further with:

  • New reports to help your clients use their strengths to navigate difficult situations with calmness and clarity.
  • New personal word clouds to provide a creative, visual way of highlighting a client’s strengths.

Update to Cascade

The latest version of Cascade is now available. Version 2.0r04f (May 2020) contains several small tweaks and improvements, including:

  • Two new Theme Advantage worksheets
  • The option to create a personal word cloud

New Theme Advantage Worksheets

Cascade Strengths Theme Advantage VUCA

Cascade’s Theme Advantage worksheets provide your clients with practical ways to use their strengths to their advantage in different situations.

Grouped into themes such as Leadership and Project Management, we already have worksheets covering a number of useful topics. But we’ve now added two new worksheets that are especially relevant during this current season…

1 Crisis Management

With each country handling the COVID-19 pandemic slightly differently, the Crisis Management worksheet helps clients to calmly navigate their own situation with clear, simple steps. Experience tells us that whenever there is a sudden and dramatic change in our lives, being intentional in using our themes helps us find positive ways forward through the turmoil.

Thank you Antonia Milkop for your contribution.


The acronym VUCA was originally used by the US military and stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity, all key causes of confusion. By unpacking each aspect in turn – and by proactively focusing on what is known and controllable – the VUCA model helps you guide your client into a positive, flexible and confident approach to dealing with chaos and challenging situations.

Thank you Deon Rademeyer for your suggestion.

Strengths Word Clouds

Creating a word cloud is a powerful, visual method for communicating the CliftonStrengths® themes. We added the Cascade Team Word Cloud some time ago and have loved seeing coaches embrace their creativity with it! (You can find this feature in the Frequency page).

Cascade Strengths Word Cloud CliftonStrengths

But to give individuals a fun and creative way of focusing on their strengths at this challenging time, we’ve now added the option for creating a Cascade Personal Word Cloud too.

To do this: Head to the My 34 page. Towards the bottom right there is a cell where you can copy the themes to paste into a word cloud editor. Find more information at Creating Strengths Word Clouds including instructions on how to update your Zoom Background.

How can I get the latest version of Cascade?

To download the latest version of Cascade, use the special feature in the Menu. Go to the Modules section and click Download.

Download latest version of Cascade Strengths

Alternatively, you can use the download link from one of our previous emails.

For more information, follow the step by step guide in this article and see the changes for the latest version in the Change Log.

Please note: The download feature is only available for the first year after purchasing Cascade, or for a year after renewing your Cascade Support. Do contact us if you need any help or have any queries.

Domain Colour Change

Last year, Gallup announced that they are changing the colours of the four domains in 2020. We now know that most of the changes will appear for Gallup Access and related reports in August 2020.

Gallup new domain colors CliftonStrengths Cascade

And to mirror this, we will update the Cascade colours to match the new Gallup colours in August too.

In our last issue – Together in Isolation – we talked about how, despite varying countries and contexts, our shared experience of the COVID-19 pandemic knits us all closer together. We’re a few weeks on in this season, and the situation remains. Here we want to do all we can to help you personally and professionally, stay strong.

We hope our latest developments will assist you with that and give you the extra tools you need to play to your strengths, both now and in the times to come. Don’t forget too that our offer of a chat – about anything or everything – still stands. Find a time on our calendar now.

Thank you for being part of the Cascade Community. Stay strong!

Richard and the Cascade Team

Cascade Connection -Issue 18

Cascade Connection -Issue 18

Cascade connection theme insights discovery cardsTogether in Isolation

It’s amazing how an invisible virus can so materially affect people and communities all over the world. The COVID-19 virus is shutting down nations and forcing individuals and organisations to think and act differently. Radically differently.

The UK is now in lockdown, something not experienced here since the Second World War. Other countries are facing similar restrictions. Many things we previously took for granted are no longer possible. But though our contexts may vary, we are united in the limitations we face. We are together in isolation.

Despite the magnitude of these challenges, I believe that the one crucial thing we can all influence is our attitude and approach to this new situation we find ourselves in. Personally, I have faced several times over the years of losing a job and being without work. It was always an unsettling time, but after each of these seasons, I emerged stronger and better equipped for the way ahead.

At Releasing Strengths, we want you to know that we are here for you.

These are three things we are currently doing to help…

Cascade Support Renewals

We appreciate that in these uncertain times, funds may be tight and some companies have introduced a purchasing freeze. We are therefore extending the time period of the discount codes to renew your Cascade support. You will receive the details when your renewal is due and please contact us if you need further help.

Want a Chat?

Together in Isolation talk about strengths

Being in isolation can be a solitary experience and we’d love to offer you the chance to talk to us if it would help.

There’s no agenda. We are very happy to have an open conversation about your work plans, coping with challenging times, getting the most out of Cascade, what you learned from your Strengths Twin, how you use Strengths at your church… or to simply just have a chat.

Take a look at our calendar and book a 30 minute slot. Let’s Chat

New Developments

During this quieter time, we are focusing on some new projects to help you when the world starts moving again.

Following the launch of the Cascade reports in French, we are finishing off the modules for the Spanish and German versions. These resources will expand your coaching portfolio by enabling you to offer Cascade reports in their own language to native French, Spanish or German-speaking clients.

A brand new development is also underway for parents and families with the IncredibleCoaches. Based on the book ‘Play To Their Strengths’ by Analyn & Brandon Miller, our new portal will provide a ‘Cascade equivalent’ for Parents and Kids assessments. We’ll be in touch again soon with lots more information on this exciting project.

Whatever is happening to you at the moment, and whatever the future holds, I hope you can stay safe and strong, both for yourself and for those around you. My current approach is to think about where I want myself and my business to be in six months’ time, and then use this season to prepare for that… perhaps this attitude will help you too.

Thank you for your ongoing support and please get in touch if you would like a chat… we truly are together in isolation and I really mean it when I say we are here for you.

Richard and the Cascade Team

Cascade Connection -Issue 17

Cascade Connection -Issue 17

Cascade connection theme insights discovery cardsGive an extra Strengths Gift

In this issue, increase the impact of your Strengths coaching by…
– Discovering the latest exciting addition to the Cascade resources
– Creating a special Strengths Gift for your clients
– Learning how to easily import the CliftonStrengths® themes from Gallup Access into Cascade.

Parlez-vous Français?

Cascade Strengths reports in French language

Want to impress your French-speaking clients with Cascade reports in their own language? Why not gift them with a deeper understanding of their Strengths with our new French Language Pack?

With the ability to create the reports in French for an individual or for a whole team – and the option to choose French or English theme names – this new pack will help you design your reports to best suit your audience.

A big thank you to Florence Hardy and Michèle Lecerre in France and to Renée-Claude Paris and Marie-Hélène Langlois in Canada for their help with the French reports.

STOP PRESS: We are currently working with coaches to bring you the Cascade reports in Spanish and German too. More on this soon!

A Meaningful Strengths Gift

Have you thought about creating a simple but personal Strengths gift for your clients to treasure?

We love this idea by Katie Christensen at Simply Strengths in Minnesota, USA. She writes:

StrengthsFinder all 34 theme strengths gift bookmarks Cascade reports

When working with a group I give each person a laminated bookmark with their own list of 34 CliftonStengths® themes.

I encourage them to keep their 34 theme bookmark handy for personal reference, suggesting they bring it to meetings and place it on the table for others to see. 

I also give the manager an entire set of bookmarks with everyone’s 34 themes to use as a quick reference for conversations or when creating complementary partners.

It’s easy to create bookmarks using the ‘All 34’ report in Cascade. Simply cut the report into strips for each person.

The backing of each person’s bookmark indicates the color of their lead domain.  I find it’s a great tool to keep individuals, groups and coaches engaging with one another’s themes during daily tasks. It’s also a fun little takeaway gift to share after a training session.

Maximizer’s Tip: Add your logo and contact details to the back of the bookmark.

Don’t forget you can discover more about the All 34 report in Cascade. And if you have a creative idea like Katie’s you’d like to share, please get in touch.

Import-ant Stuff!

Now this one is a gift for you… Did you know that getting the CliftonStrengths® themes into Cascade is easy with the Import Themes button?

new features import strengthsfinder themes into Cascade

Use the step-by-step instructions here to guide you through the process of exporting themes from Gallup Access (free and subscription levels) and then importing them into Cascade. All in a few clicks!

We’ve also made it super easy to transfer the theme information from an earlier version of Cascade. Just use the Import Themes button and choose the previous Cascade file.

powerful search cascade support

Find more answers to questions and resolutions to error messages in the Support Hub. Use the powerful Search feature to help locate an article.

Next Issue

Do you have a Cascade story to share? We’d love to hear from you! So please get in touch and let others know how Cascade helps you.

To receive email notifications for the Cascade Connection, sign up here.

Thanks for being part of the Cascade community, we look forward to keeping you updated with news throughout 2020.

Richard and the Cascade Team

Cascade Connection -Issue 16

Cascade Connection -Issue 16

Cascade connection theme insights discovery cardsNew Features for Cascade

See the new features with Cascade as we prepare for Gallup Access. Hear how Cascade can increase your confidence and find out who’s visiting Texas in October.

New Features for Cascade Release 4

The latest version of Cascade is now available with several time-saving features. Version 2.0r04 includes;

  • Import the themes from Gallup Access into Cascade.
  • Easily download new versions of Cascade.
  • Get more Power with the Power of 2 report

All the new features are described in the Release Notes.

Emails are going out this week with your personalised download links. Please contact us, noting your license number, if you have not received your email by 19th September.

Coaching with Confidence

Lorraine Govender coaching with confidence

How can you gain confidence with your coaching?
Our avid reporter Eduardo Villavicencio caught up with Lorraine Govender to hear her story in this short video. Watch it here

Calling all Coaches in Texas!

There is a very special Coach’s Meet Up in Dallas on October 10th. Richard Sterry is flying over from the UK to provide a Cascade Q&A session. You can see the latest features and discover ways to get the most out of Cascade.

More information and sign up details are at the Meet-Up page

Help! I’m Stuck

Need a bit more confidence with Cascade? Here are some reminders of useful features.

new features import strengthsfinder themes into Cascade

Save struggling with copying and pasting themes into the Theme Table, use the Import Themes button. Read more

Cascade team grid refresh page

Missing people in the Team Grid?
After adding people to the Theme Table, click on the Refresh Page button expand the Team Grid so it includes everyone.

Cascade Menu button powerful features

Menu Matters. Use the Menu to navigate around Cascade. The Menu buttons run small processes to maintain Cascade and show timely reminders. The button to return to the Menu is at the top left of each page making it easy to find. This saves hunting for the tabs at the bottom which may slide off the side of the screen.

Cascade website help features

Online Help. Each of the reports has its own dedicated help page on our website. The Help buttons on the Cascade screens take you to the relevant page. There are coaching tips and examples where coaches use the report.

powerful search cascade support

More answers to questions and resolutions to error messages are in the Support Hub. Do make use of the powerful Search feature to help locate an article.

The Getting Started Guide shows the steps involved from entering themes to creating reports.

Credit Card Payments

Listening to your feedback, we now have full credit card facilities at our shop. Introducing the Stripe payment gateway, we can now offer a wider range of credit card options to more countries, in addition to the PayPal options.
As this affects how we handle your personal information, there is a revision to our Privacy Policy to include Stripe.

Next Issue

Please get in touch if you would like to get involved and share your story about how Cascade helps you.

To receive email notifications for the Cascade Connection, sign up here.

Thank you for reading.

Richard and the Cascade Team

Cascade Connection -Issue 15

Cascade Connection -Issue 15

Cascade connection theme insights discovery cardsTimesaving tips

Hear from Ken Barr Jr about the reports he finds most powerful. Pick up tips to get the most out of Cascade and see how we can help you with the move to Gallup Access.

Ken’s Most Powerful Reports

While in Omaha, our avid reporter Eduardo Villavicencio caught up with Ken Barr Jr. Hear which reports Ken finds most powerful in his short video. He also passes on tips for those new to the Cascade reports.
Read More

Help! I’m Stuck

Since the launch of Cascade release 3 in April 2019, the Menu is the central control panel for the reports. It brings everything together with a more intuitive layout.

Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of Cascade.

Cascade Menu button powerful

Use the Menu to navigate around Cascade. The Menu buttons run small processes to maintain Cascade and show timely reminders. The button to return to the Menu is at the top left of each page making it easy to find. This saves hunting for the tabs at the bottom which may slide off the side of the screen.

Cascade team grid refresh page

The Team Grid grows as you populate the Theme Table. Have you added people in the Theme Table only to find that they are not visible in the Team Grid?

After adding people to the Theme Table, remember to click on the Refresh Page button in the Team Grid. This will expand the Team Grid to show the new people.

Sort Cascade Theme Table

Try not to leave blank rows in the Theme Table. When Cascade sees two blank rows together, it assumes that is the end of the list and the Team Grid may not show all the people.
You can group people together with the selection columns on the left (A-D). To remove the blank rows, use the AZ button to sort by the Firstname or Surname columns. Discover more.

powerful search cascade support

More answers to questions and resolutions to error messages are in the Support Hub. Do make use of the powerful Search feature to help locate an article.

To help newcomers to Cascade, we have updated the Getting Started Guide. It introduces the steps involved from entering themes to creating reports.

CliftonStrengths Summit

Cascade Soar 34Strong powerful promotions

Meeting up with friends and discovering new ones added to the experience at the Clifton Strengths Summit. Thank you to everyone who came along to the coffee shop or the Hilton lobby while we were in Omaha. The well attended Soar & 34Strong event welcomed more people to the Cascade community. Thank you for all your support. Read more

Cascade and Gallup Access

In August, Gallup will migrate everyone from the Gallup Strengths Center to their new Gallup Access platform. Currently with the Gallup Strengths Center there is an easy way to export the theme information into a spreadsheet, ready for Cascade.

Gallup Access export Excel spreadsheet cascade strengths

The export feature in Gallup Access will not arrive until later in the year, after the migration in August.

Anticipating concern to gather the theme information for Cascade we have a solution. Taking the PDF of a Team Grid from Gallup Access, we can extract the themes, presenting a simple spreadsheet for Cascade.
Read More

Elaine Krek at Prism Performance shares her story.
A number of my clients are now using Gallup Access which means we have had to manually enter large quantities of data into Cascade which has been both time-consuming and frustrating. Thanks to Richard and the Cascade team, I can now provide the PDF Strengths map from Gallup Access and this gets converted into a Cascade friendly Excel spreadsheet. Thank you for giving time back in our day Richard.

We can read pretty much any report from the Gallup portals and extract the theme information for Cascade. Please contact us if you need any assistance.

Next Issue

We would love to share your story, how you use Cascade and which features you find most helpful. Please get in touch if you would like to get involved.

To receive an email notification of the Cascade Connection, sign up here.

If you have any questions, please just ask.

Richard and the Cascade Team

Cascade Connection -Issue 14

Cascade Connection -Issue 14

Cascade connection theme insights discovery cardsIntroducing the New Version of Cascade

Cascade Release 3 is here!
Packing in a ton of new features, the new version of Cascade makes it even easier to create reports.

What are Coaches saying?

  • I love the new version…it is definitely a cleaner look and easier on the eye. I like having the print and PDF icon at the top of each worksheet! Cheryl Pace
  • Overall the new release is totally fab. Love the radio buttons at the top that allow me to toggle different views so easily. Making a lot of use of 15 themes, and Bottom 5! Yay! – Fiona Grant
  • Team Grid order to match Gallup – thank you! I much prefer being consistent with all the Gallup Materials. – Deon Rademeyer
  • I really like the opportunity to change the Domain Order (I prefer SIRE, your default) – Barry Rellaford
  • In a word, I love it. I had fun all weekend playing with it. You’ve done a great job listening to your audience – us coaches! – Harriette Heibel
  • I LOVE that I can now do Top 10 or 15 on one screen for the Theme Insights and Advantages. I have been dreaming about the ability to print someone’s 1-10 Theme Insights double sided. – Joe Darin
  • The home page is awesome. This makes navigating easy. I am looking forward to the faith and family pack. – Marvin Summerfield
  • Flexibility for all personal reports with how many themes to display – Top 5, Top 10, Top 15, Dominant, Bottom 5 is useful! – Yeang Cherng Poh
  • You asked what “wowed” me and it’s just everything. – Kate Christensen

What are New Features?

The full list of changes are in the Release Notes. We have also created a video tutorial walking you through the new features. The highlights are;

Cascade new features
Watch the video
  • A new Menu screen providing a more intuitive way to navigate between the pages.
  • Buttons on the pages helping you to quickly print or create PDFs of the reports.
  • The Team Grid offering lots more flexibility.
  • More options with the Table Tents.
  • The appearance of Cascade is more consistent and easier to follow.

New Menu

Cascade Strengths Menu Dashboard new features

Replacing the Select Name screen with a brand new Menu provides the hub for Cascade.

The three sections show the logical steps to enter clients, select teams and create individual reports.

Explore the powerful new features to quickly create reports and configure your copy of Cascade.

Read More …

Team Grid – More Options

Huge flexibility, with are over 3000 different permutations to display the Team Grid, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Cascade team strengths grid chart table themes
  • Choose the number of themes to show, Top 5, Top 10, Top 15, Top Dominant, All 34, Bottom 5 or none.
  • Display the Domains starting with Strategic Thinking (SIRE) or Executing (EIRS).
  • Show the Gallup Domain Descriptions or the Releasing Strengths Domain Contributions.
  • The fresher look improves clarity and saves your printer toner.

Read more …

Table Tents with Top 10 Themes

Listening to your comments, there are new features for the Name Tents. You can now show the Top 5 or Top 10 themes and insert the Domain Pie chart. You can also, create horizontal tents (upside down V) where the themes go across the page.

Read More …

New Worksheet

Tucked away is a new worksheet in the Theme Advantage area. It helps to generate ideas to keep themes alive on a regular basis. Called the Rhythm of Motivation, it helps your client to maintain their energy by feeding their themes. Originally it was developed for a client entering retirement following full-time employment. The worksheet helped her to structure her day, week and month with events based on her themes to maintain her motivation.

Thank You

Thank you for all your suggestions for the new version. There are many more ideas we would love to include another time.

Thank you also for the large worldwide testing team who provided valuable feedback to enhance the improvements. Special thanks to Alicia Santamaria, Andrew Sloan, Barry Rellaford, Cheryl Pace, Deon Rademeyer, Fiona Grant, Florence Hardy, Harriette Heibel, Jennifer Miller PhD, Joe Darin, Joe Holloway, Katie Christensen, Marvin Sommerfeld, Yeang Cherng Poh and Tracy Phillips.

How to get your Upgrade

You should receive an email with a link to download your new version of Cascade. The upgrades are free for the first year after purchase. You will also receive an upgrade if you renewed your support after year one.
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Clifton Strengths Summit

We are looking forward to attending the Summit in June. There will be information nearer the time where you discover more about Cascade.

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Richard and the Cascade Team

Cascade Connection -Issue 13

Cascade Connection -Issue 13

Cascade connection theme insights discovery cardsHow do you Build Teams?

Bringing two teams together can be a challenge. This month we hear how the visual reports in Cascade can focus the conversations around team strengths. We also show how to select teams in the Team Grid and we have more information about the new version of Cascade.

Combining Team Strengths

Cheryl Pace is a Gallup-certified coach and Director of Organizational Improvement at The University of Kansas Medical Center. She helps employees and students understand their natural talents and how they use them to achieve the goals of the team they work on and/or achieve success in the careers they are developing.  Cheryl describes how Cascade helps her communicate better with both teams and individuals.

“I recently worked with a new department composed of two separate departments that had been combined into one.  Before the team session, I was able to meet with each individual team member to be sure they understood their CliftonStrengths® assessment results.  The Theme Insights and Bring-Need reports in Cascade add so much value to these conversations.  And everyone loves getting a Name Tent!  The highlight of the team session was being able to show Team Grids and Team Summaries for each of the departments before they combined and then to do the same for the combined team.  There were a lot of “a-ha” moments.

compare combine team strengths Cascade report chart theme frequency
Combined Team Strengths (left), Individual Team Strengths (middle & right)

In addition to the reports generated by Cascade, I was also able to take parts of reports and show them side by side to help the new department gain insights into their differences and similarities.  I’ve included one that I created comparing just the frequency reports.  Looking at this comparison generated a rich discussion about how the combined teams have more talent themes to leverage to achieve success.  A picture can be worth a thousand words.  I don’t believe our discussion would have been as productive and meaningful without Cascade!”

Team Summary

Cascade team summary report Gallup strengths themes

Comparing the Summary reports for several teams reveals visual differences in the distribution of their strengths. In addition to seeing variations across the Domains, there may be differences in the spread and intensity of the themes.

We covered articulating the strengths of a team with
Traci McCausland last month in Issue 12.

Team Selection

Cascade can provide a central repository for all your client or staff themes. With so many people in the list, how can you easily build teams for the Team Grid and the other reports?

Columns A-D on the left of the Theme Table enable you to group people by different categories. You can change the headings to suit your needs. The example in the first picture shows a matrix of teams across departments and locations.

In the Team Grid, use the filtering to select the people you want to show. Right click on the heading and select Filter, shown in the picture on the right. Select one or more items on the list to build up your Team Grid. You can refine your selection with filters for several columns. You can also sort the list by column to group people together.

Taking this example further, you can select just the Managers or those who work in Finance. The combinations are endless.

If you want to get back and show all the names, click on the Clear Filters button at the top of the Team Grid to reset the selection.

Tip: Performing any sort of selection will remove the additional blank lines at the bottom of the Team Grid. This will save you printing out excessive empty pages.

Katie’s Experience

Katie Christensen owner of Simply Strengths in Minnesota shares how she builds her teams in the Team Grid.

“Beyond the user-friendly nature of Cascade, I appreciate the many nuanced ways it can be applied to the unique groups with which I work.  One of the functions I use often is the “Team” column in the Team Grid.  This allows me to chunk larger groups down into smaller teams and print just that small group’s Team Grid.  For example, if I run a family training with 40 people from 14 different families, giving families a team print out that contains all 40 people would not be helpful.  Families are most interested in seeing how just their family’s unique themes fit together.”

Katie kindly goes on to write “Cascade is technology that has made my life easier and really enhances the work I do.  When I have had an issue there is a huge and active community of users ready to jump in and offer support as well as the amazing Cascade support team.  In fact, since I have been given this platform it seems the perfect time to say thanks to a great network of amazing people and to Cascade for helping us connect to one another and serve our clients better.”

Cascade – New version – Coming Soon!

The new version of Cascade is currently with a group of testers and will be available next month. It contains lots of time-saving features to help you quickly create reports. There is an intuitive Menu to navigate Cascade and access all the reports.

Listening to your comments, hearing your questions and observing how you use Cascade, the new version offers;

  • An easier and more intuitive way to navigate around the pages.
  • A quicker method for creating reports and PDFs.
  • More visually appealing pages, so it looks less like Excel.

Joe Darin from Joe Darin Coaching in Sacramento comments.
“This latest version of Cascade will take my coaching and training to a whole new level. The reports have been refined and the ability to natively run reports for 1-15 Themes is awesome. The updated Theme Insights is very powerful as well, allowing my coaching to either use the Theme Comparisons or Metaphors & Barrier Labels.
I highly recommend this (or any) version of Cascade for strength coaches.”

The new version of Cascade will be out in March 2019.

Next Issue

Next time we will reveal the new version of Cascade. Those who purchased Cascade within the past 12 months or have renewed their support will receive the upgrade for free. We will contact you directly when it is ready.

Thank you Cheryl, Katie and Joe for sharing your experiences. If you have a Cascade story to share for a future edition of Cascade Connection, please contact us.

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Richard and the Cascade Team

Cascade Connection -Issue 12

Cascade Connection -Issue 12

Cascade connection theme insights discovery cardsWhat do you need to thrive?

As 2019 gets underway, we look at setting the right environment to transform a role and increase confidence. We also find ways to describe the strengths of a team. Finally, what would you do if it all goes horribly wrong?

Confidence Boost

Cascade bring need report strengthsfinder theme contributions motivators confidence

How can you help a client who is feeling demotivated or uncertain about their abilities?

Articulating our strengths in practical ways tells ourselves and others how we can give of our best. The Bring / Need report is one of the most popular reports in Cascade. It shows the top themes for an individual and outlines the main contributions of each theme.

Empowering clients to identify with their abilities increases their confidence in what they can offer. Encouraging them to share these qualities with their colleagues creates opportunities for them to give of their best.

Conversely, each contribution has a need. The right environment is crucial for each contribution to thrive. Being aware and sharing the needs for each theme, builds understanding and the potential for excellence.

Imagine a manager who understands the needs of each person in their team. How much more can the individuals contribute when their needs are recognised and fulfilled?

Renegotiating Your Role

Kim Madsen in Minnesota runs online coaching programs and her regular Coaches Corner chat room. She writes;

“One of my clients in my online group coaching program was being recruited back to her previous job, which she had just left six months prior.  During our coaching sessions, and while using the Cascade tool, she was able to clearly define her motivators and needs.  Which led us to have great coaching sessions to guide her in her decision.  She was able to go back to that employer, ask for everything she needed in order to thrive, and accepted their offer.  Through coaching, she gained a high level of self-awareness around her unique gifts.  The Cascade tool was a great visual support to our coaching sessions.

I also use the Cascade tool with the students I coach.  Triston is an 18-year-old freshman in college.  His mom and dad bought him a coaching session as a Christmas present, with Triston I utilized the Bring-Need report.”

Triston writes “I have learned about who I am written down on paper. It’s been a helpful and positive experience to  know not only what I’m good at, but also how I can use these qualities of mine to be the best Triston I can be.”

Team Perspective

Cascade team summary report Gallup strengths themes

How do you articulate the strengths of a team?

The Team Summary report in Cascade shows a one-page snapshot of the team’s strengths. You can see the distribution and intensity of the CliftonStengths themes for the collective team.

Comparing the Summary reports for several teams reveals visual differences in the distribution of their strengths. In addition to seeing variations across the Domains, there may be differences in the spread and intensity of the themes.

Team Interpretation

Traci McCausland, SOAR Evangelist & Founder of Follow Your Strengths writes;

“The leadership and intact teams I work with absolutely love the Team Summary page of Cascade!  I love that it gives teams a great visual and a starting point for analysis and interpretation of what the team brings and needs.  It’s a great jumping off point for valuable conversations and discussions.  Additionally, I’ve referred numerous clients to Cascade so they can take ownership of their results and have incredible tools at their fingertips!  This not only saves me time from re-running strengths grids when team members change but more importantly, it empowers my clients to go deeper into strengths and that’s what it’s all about!”

Note: The Team Summary report in Cascade requires the Bonus Pack.

What if …?

An alarming number of people are contacting us after their computer has crashed and they have lost a lot of their data. We can supply a blank copy of Cascade but we cannot recover the client information. Depending on the situation, the client themes may be available on the Gallup Strengths Center. It is good practice and common sense, to back up all your essential files.

Use a backup process which is automatic so you don’t have to think about it and secure, so your information is kept safe.

One simple option for your documents and working files is to use cloud storage where there is an off-line copy of your data. Examples are DropBox, Google Docs and iCloud.

What would you do if your laptop crashed?

After the initial panic, how would you recover your files?

We are not a backup solution provider. However, we urge you to take precautions now, so if disaster strikes, you can keep your business running.

Need Help?

Cascade strengths support help questions answers FAQ KB

For instant answers to questions when using Cascade, head over to the Support Hub.

There is a growing number of articles covering a wide range of topics to help you get the most out of Cascade.

Do you have an eye for Detail?

As the new version of Cascade reaches the testing stage in February, we want to make it the best it can be. Please let us know if you are able to help us put it through its paces to check and review the new features.

The new version of Cascade will be out in March 2019.

Next Issue

Next time we will provide an update about the new version of Cascade. To receive an email notification of the Cascade Connection, sign up here.

Thank you for all your support and to Kim and Traci for your contributions. Please contact us if you would like to share how you use your Cascade reports in your coaching.

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Richard and the Cascade Team