Cascade Connection -Issue 17

Cascade Connection -Issue 17

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In this issue, increase the impact of your Strengths coaching by…
– Discovering the latest exciting addition to the Cascade resources
– Creating a special Strengths Gift for your clients
– Learning how to easily import the CliftonStrengths® themes from Gallup Access into Cascade.

Parlez-vous Français?

Cascade Strengths reports in French language

Want to impress your French-speaking clients with Cascade reports in their own language? Why not gift them with a deeper understanding of their Strengths with our new French Language Pack?

With the ability to create the reports in French for an individual or for a whole team – and the option to choose French or English theme names – this new pack will help you design your reports to best suit your audience.

A big thank you to Florence Hardy and Michèle Lecerre in France and to Renée-Claude Paris and Marie-Hélène Langlois in Canada for their help with the French reports.

STOP PRESS: We are currently working with coaches to bring you the Cascade reports in Spanish and German too. More on this soon!

A Meaningful Strengths Gift

Have you thought about creating a simple but personal Strengths gift for your clients to treasure?

We love this idea by Katie Christensen at Simply Strengths in Minnesota, USA. She writes:

StrengthsFinder all 34 theme strengths gift bookmarks Cascade reports

When working with a group I give each person a laminated bookmark with their own list of 34 CliftonStengths® themes.

I encourage them to keep their 34 theme bookmark handy for personal reference, suggesting they bring it to meetings and place it on the table for others to see. 

I also give the manager an entire set of bookmarks with everyone’s 34 themes to use as a quick reference for conversations or when creating complementary partners.

It’s easy to create bookmarks using the ‘All 34’ report in Cascade. Simply cut the report into strips for each person.

The backing of each person’s bookmark indicates the color of their lead domain.  I find it’s a great tool to keep individuals, groups and coaches engaging with one another’s themes during daily tasks. It’s also a fun little takeaway gift to share after a training session.

Maximizer’s Tip: Add your logo and contact details to the back of the bookmark.

Don’t forget you can discover more about the All 34 report in Cascade. And if you have a creative idea like Katie’s you’d like to share, please get in touch.

Import-ant Stuff!

Now this one is a gift for you… Did you know that getting the CliftonStrengths® themes into Cascade is easy with the Import Themes button?

new features import strengthsfinder themes into Cascade

Use the step-by-step instructions here to guide you through the process of exporting themes from Gallup Access (free and subscription levels) and then importing them into Cascade. All in a few clicks!

We’ve also made it super easy to transfer the theme information from an earlier version of Cascade. Just use the Import Themes button and choose the previous Cascade file.

powerful search cascade support

Find more answers to questions and resolutions to error messages in the Support Hub. Use the powerful Search feature to help locate an article.

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