Cascade Connection -Issue 23

Cascade Connection -Issue 23

Strengths in tough times

Cascade Connection Strengths News meetup

In this issue, we focus on how to develop strengths when things get tough. Discover tips to enhance your coaching and get more out of Cascade. Join the Facebook group. Read our latest blog posts. Listen to an interview. Attend a virtual conference. Or sign up for a free meet-up session.

So whichever article or event you choose, we hope you will learn something useful to help deepen your coaching practice.

Strengths in Uncertainty

In her Strengths in Uncertainty series, Emma Sharrock has been talking to different individuals to see how their strengths have helped during tough times. She recently interviewed Cascade founder, Richard Sterry. Together they explored how Richard’s own strengths played a pivotal role in running the Releasing Strengths business during lockdown.

Check out the interview

Emma Sharrock is the author of The Agile Project Manager helping people use their strengths in project management.

Emma Sharrock

Using VUCA when times get tough

During turbulent times, focusing on your strengths can really help you find a clear way forward. Something that Cascade is perfectly designed to help with. However, what if you went a step further?

Strengths coach, Mary Ann Grisham, does exactly this. She uses Cascade alongside VUCA. Which stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity.

We asked her to describe how she uses the VUCA Theme Advantage worksheet to work with clients facing tough situations.

Read the full article

Choose a Meetup Event to learn more about Cascade

As more events move online, our calendar is filling up with virtual speaking engagements. In September Richard Sterry presented sessions for the Strengths Network South Pacific and Brent O’Bannon’s MasterMind group.

Here are some of the events coming up in October. We hope you’ll join us as we share the benefits of Cascade to coaches all over the world.

Strengths Philippines Conference

Strengths Philippines Conference 2020

Come and join the online Strengths Philippines Conference taking place on 23/24 October.

Learn more about being “Powered by Strengths”. Hosted in the Philippines, it’s open to coaches all across the world.

Find out more information on Facebook.

Richard Sterry will be speaking at the Conference After Party at 6pm Manila time.

Introducing Cascade – Meetup

tough times with workshop materials. Use Cascade

This is the first of two free meetup events looking at Cascade, with hosts Charlotte Blair and Richard Sterry.

In this session, we explore the benefits of Cascade and how it can help you prepare for workshops and coaching sessions. We’ll also cover the basic steps of getting started with Cascade.

USA, Canada and New Zealand friendly time zone
Wednesday 21 October – US West Coast 12pm, US Central 2pm, US Eastern 3pm, UK 8pm.
Thursday 22 October – Melbourne 6am, New Zealand 8am.

EMEA, ANZ and APAC friendly time zone
Thursday 22 October – UK 8am, Central Europe & South Africa 9am, Singapore 3pm, Melbourne 6pm, New Zealand 8pm.

Going Deeper with Cascade – Meetup

Bring your tough questions

The second free meetup event is for those who want to get more out of the Cascade reports.

We’ll dive deeper into Cascade and reveal a few features hiding in the background. You are bound to pick up a few tips and shortcuts for your next coaching session.

USA, Canada and New Zealand friendly time zone
Tuesday 27th October – US West Coast 1pm, US Central 3pm, US Eastern 4pm, UK 8pm.
Thursday 28th October – Melbourne 7am, New Zealand 9am.

EMEA, ANZ and APAC friendly time zone
Thursday 28th October – UK 8am, Central Europe 9am, South Africa 10am, Singapore 4pm, Melbourne 7pm.

Join the conversations in the Cascade Facebook group

Cascade strengths facebook group

Our new Cascade Strengths Community Facebook group is buzzing with activity. Join in now to get top-tips and see sneak previews of new features.

Are you using the new Colours in Cascade?

Gallup domain colors green tough

In August, Gallup changed the Domain colours. So we released a new version of Cascade to match (v 2.0r05a).

To update your copy of Cascade, see our guide: How to update Cascade to the latest version.

If you need help: please contact us quoting your Cascade license number (C followed by 5 digits at the top of the Cascade Menu).

Thank you

As the Cascade Community continues to grow, we are excited to be responding with improvements to the Releasing Strengths platform. You may have noticed our new Cascade logo as we update our branding. Likewise part of our website has already received a facelift. So it’s now easier to find pages and support articles. Watch out, there’s more to come!

Thank you for being part of this Strengths Community. Please get in touch if you have a Cascade story to share, or just want a chat.

Richard and the Cascade Team

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Cascade Connection – Issue 1

Cascade Connection – Issue 1

Cascade connection news letter tips help advice support communityWe have a big announcement and news to share for this first issue of the Cascade Connection. In future editions, we will discuss how to get the most out of Cascade from the designer and other coaches.

February 2018

Gallup Cascade US UK 1stHeadline News!

The big news at Releasing Strengths is the completion of a Licence Agreement with Gallup for Cascade. Following a successful demonstration of Cascade to Gallup Executives, they said they really like it and it is perfect for their licensing program. After several months of negotiation, the licence is agreed and Cascade is back on the road.
We now look forward to promoting Cascade to a wider audience so together we can work with coaches like you and enhance the strengths movement.

New Frontiers

Cascade is breaking new boundaries with two firsts. It is the first digital third-party product licensed by Gallup, and it is the first licence awarded to the UK. Both aspects added complications to the Licence Agreement and we are delighted to pioneer new ways forward.

Cascade shop store buy purchaseCascade Shop

Cascade is now available at our new online shop.

Listening to feedback, prices are in $US dollars, €Euros or £GB pounds with a range of payment methods at the checkout.

Cascade Products

Reviewing the Cascade products, there are two different licence types to suit our range of customers.

  • Cascade Personal for coaches running their own business or consulting practice. The Cascade licence is for just one person and replaces the Single User licence.
  • Cascade Professional for coaches working in a department for an organisation. Other coaches in your office can use Cascade. This replaces the Single Site licence for coaches in just one location.

Cascade strengths report go large 2000 clientsGo Large

As the size of your client base or the number of staff increase, the 500 client limit in Cascade can be restrictive. Following requests, we now have a Go Large module to expand the capacity of Cascade to 2000 clients. Visit the Cascade shop for more information.
The Go Large add-on nicely enhances the existing Bonus Pack.

Cascade Updates

Cascade matures to version 2.0 with lots of small enhancements to make it easier and better when preparing for workshops. The pages have received a bit of a facelift and there are more opportunities to customise a number of pages.

If you would like to receive an update of Cascade, contact us quoting your product licence number. You can find it on the Welcome page (C followed by 5 digits).

Licence Renewals

Some of the early adopters of Cascade are reaching the end of the 12 months free support and updates. We will notify you separately with your options to continue receiving our support and the latest versions of Cascade.

Next Time

Thank you for reading all the way down to this part. Next time in Issue 2 we will share some handy tips to help you make the most of Cascade.

To receive an email notification of the next Cascade Connection, sign up here.

Thank you for your support and together we can enhance the strengths movement.