Cascade Connection -Issue 20

Cascade Connection -Issue 20

Cascade connection theme insights discovery cardsStrengths Community

It’s all about community and building relationships. That’s our Cascade business philosophy. By learning and understanding your needs as a community of Strengths coaches, we are better equipped to create tools that help you most.

In this issue, we have a wealth of updates that we hope will continue to build our relationship with, and support of, you. And also help expand the Strengths community.

Here’s what’s included:

NEW: Strengths Reports in Spanish

Spanish language espanol strengths

Following the success of the Cascade French Language Pack, we are thrilled to announce the release of our new Spanish Language Pack.

The Add-On module provides the popular Cascade reports in Spanish, enabling you to reach out to a whole new community. With the option to show theme names in Spanish or English, you now have even greater flexibility to produce reports to best suit your client’s needs.

Take advantage of our Introductory Discount with the code LPDC to receive 20% off. This also applies to the French Language Pack and is available until the end of June 2020.

A big thank you to José and Caroline for their support and help in creating the Spanish addition to Cascade.

Jose Valcarcel strengths coach

José Miguel Valcárcel lives in Madrid, Spain. He is an expert in C-Level, Team & One to One Coaching, with extensive experience and networks in the HR field. He’s also a lecturer in the most popular Spanish and South American business schools.

Caroline Pollard coach

Caroline Pollard from Lewisville, Texas has a Masters Degree in Spanish with extensive teaching experience. She is now a Partner Trainer at Camp Gladiator.

How the Spanish Language Pack is already making a difference…

Jo Self Gallup Strengths Coach

Jo Self from Lima in Peru regularly coaches in English and Spanish.

Jo writes:

I am in love with Cascade – even more so now that I can use it with my clients in Spanish! What was always an incredibly useful tool before has really become a lifesaver as most of my organizational client base is located in Latin America. It’s also helpful with individual clients, but nothing else makes prepping for teams a breeze like Cascade does.

This is another step forward for Cascade and we are currently working on the German version. Watch out for its release later this summer.

Gallup Summit – Wish we were there

Richard Sterry

One of the highlights of the year for many of us is travelling to the US and meeting lots of friendly faces at the annual Gallup Summit.

Richard says:

I will really miss meeting people in person at the Summit this year. Although the formal sessions are always invaluable, I find it’s the social times around the event which make it so special.

The chance meetings in the conference center, mass gatherings in local restaurants, meaningful conversations when just hanging out in the hotel lobby… I shall miss all of these interactions. I’m hopeful we can replicate some of them virtually via the more informal, online breakout sessions Gallup are scheduling. But I will look forward to doing them in person even more next year!

For me, the Summit is all about building relationships and keeping in touch. Gallup are doing their best to make the online version as informative and interactive as possible. But if like me, you will also miss the more informal opportunities, then why not book a time in my calendar for a Zoom chat? I’d love to “meet” with you!

As a Summit Special, we are giving 10% off Cascade Professional and Cascade Personal until the end of June 2020. Use Discount code SUMMIT at the checkout.

NEW: Community Contribution

In this new section, we want to highlight and share the contribution a coach is making to the strengths community. This month we meet Charlotte Blair in Australia – you may already know her!

Charlotte Blair – The Strengths Partners

Charlotte Blair Gallup Strengths Coach

Charlotte first discovered her own Strengths in 2014 whilst working at Verizon as a Sales Account Manager. She spent 12 years there based in both the UK and Australia. But on changing career to Coaching and Leadership, she set up The Strengths Partners with another coach. She is a Revolutionary for Learning Republic and loves combining Strengths with other Leadership tools and frameworks.
Activator® WOO® Command® Arranger® Positivity® Responsibilty® Communication® Maximizer® Individualisation® Significance®

I focus mainly on teams within the Corporate environment as I feel I can have a greater impact with larger groups. I also LOVE coaching and mentoring other coaches, both new and experienced. Here again, I feel I can help others to go on and help more people and the ripple effect increases. 

During COVID-19 where clients changed from physical workshops to online sessions, I’ve drawn on my Activator and Arranger to arrange Community Learning. This fed my WOO and Significance too.

Cascade is a game-changer for me. I recommend it to every new coach I coach and to my corporate clients.  It saves so much time and allows you to add significant value to your clients.

Charlotte is very active in the strengths coaching Facebook pages. Her new Lead Learning Series group includes a couple of webinars featuring Cascade. In addition to being a guest on Gallup’s Called 2 Coach, she presented at the 2018 Gallup Summit.

Thank you, Charlotte for your energy, enthusiasm and contribution to the coaching community.

Little Announcement – Big Numbers!

We love how you keep telling your friends about Cascade and are forever grateful. There are now over 1200 coaches benefiting from Cascade across 47 countries.

Thank you so much for helping to grow the Cascade Strengths Community.

Cascade Strengths world map
World map of Cascade Strengths Reports in action

Help I’m Stuck

Whilst we’re always happy to answer your queries, don’t forget that our Support Hub provides help for frequent questions.

Use the Search box to enter a keyword and see a list of relevant articles. Some of the latest instructions include:

How to upgrade to the latest version
Exporting themes from Gallup Access for Cascade
How to change the language for the reports
How to combine several reports into one PDF

Cascade website help

Also, in each of the pages in Cascade, use the green ? to open the relevant page on our website. This will tell you how to use the page and provide additional coaching suggestions.

Begin with the End in Mind

Finally we leave you with something to think about…

Things are certainly going to be different as we come out of lockdown. For ourselves and for our clients. How can you help your clients prepare for the next season? What will team dynamics look like when staff return to a physical office? Will they interact differently in person or still want to use Zoom from their desks?

None of us quite know the answers to these questions and more yet. But at least by framing the questions now, we can start down the path to figuring out how best to support our clients as things progress. And here at Cascade, we will continue to help you do that.

Thank you for being part of this Strengths Community and please get in touch if you have a Cascade story to share, or just want a chat.

Richard and the Cascade Team

Cascade Connection -Issue 11

Cascade Connection -Issue 11

Cascade connection theme insights discovery cardsThank You

Reflecting back in 2018, there are so many things to thank the Cascade Community. Your support and dedication have seen Cascade go much further than we thought possible. We are eternally grateful. Thank you.
2018 thank you cascade strengths Gallup strengthsfinder
Launching under a license with Gallup in January 2018, you responded enthusiastically telling your friends about the Cascade strengths reports. Word is quickly spreading to help other coaches benefit from the visual charts and time-saving features.

As Cascade becomes an everyday tool in the Strengths world, it is an honour to see the reports in conversations, social sites, podcasts and seminars. Here are a few of the highlights from 2018.

Gallup Called To Coach Richard SterryPodcasts

Appearing on Called to Coach in May was quite an experience. Thank you to Jim Collison and his team for being the perfect host. We talked about strengths in a church environment, Strengths Twins and saw a demo of Cascade. It is amazing how many people are watching the replay and contacting us, several months later.

need a coach richard sterry and becky hammond

Sharing my strengths story in a podcast with Becky Hammond was an enjoyable moment. Describing my journey to find a coach, I revealed the incredible impact of that first strengths-based conversation.


Gallup Clifton Strengths Summit Omaha CascadeClifton Strengths Summit

Meeting so many coaches at the Clifton Strengths Summit in July was a wonderful opportunity. With over 100 Cascade advocates, it felt like a real community. You are so much better in person and it was nice to hear your individual stories.

New Reports

Cascade My 34 theme report strengthsfinder chartOver the summer we saw the arrival of the new My 34 Theme report, a one page summary of all 34 themes for a person. Also, the new Theme Advantage worksheet, helping clients take advantage of their themes in various situations.

Team Grid export Gallup Access Excel spreadsheet cascade strengths

The feature to create a batch of PDF reports for clients is proving immensely popular and a big bonus for your clients.

Towards the end of the year, we launched new services to help coaches. Whether you just have the PDF Gallup reports or a Team Grid from Gallup Access, we can read these and extract the theme information to drop into Cascade.

Strengths Twins

Clifton Strengths Twins Gallup StrengthsFinder same top 5 themesTicking away in the background is a constant stream of people searching to find their Strengths Twin. Matching individuals every week who share the same top 5 themes is a real privilege. So far, over 260 people have found their ‘Twin’ across 56 different countries. There are Triplets, Quads, a group of Quins and one collection of 11 people sharing the same top 5 themes. We also have 5 pairs who share the same top 5 themes in the same order.


What has made 2018 so good? There are a couple of things I have learned in 2018, one is to follow your gut and the other is to embrace the community around you. Be true to your instincts and draw on the expertise and strengths of others. Sharing an African proverb at my daughter’s wedding earlier this year, it says. “Alone I go fast, together we go far.”

Looking forward

Listening to your comments and feedback we have great plans for Cascade. A new version, due out early in 2019, it is more intuitive and easier to use. The reports cover a greater range of themes, there are more options and there is simple one-click printing. Just wait until you see the new Team Grid!

As the Cascade Community grows beyond 600 advocates across 40 countries worldwide, you are all part of something special. Thank you for your support and enthusiasm to share the Cascade word. It is an honour to have so many friends and companions all over the globe.

I look forward to the Clifton Strengths Summit in June 2019 where we can continue to build the strengths movement.

In the meantime have a very Happy Holiday, Happy Chrismas or whatever you say when celebrating this special seasonal time.

Richard and the Cascade Team


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Cascade Connection – Issue 7

Cascade Connection – Issue 7

Cascade connection news letter tips help advice support communityWelcome to the August edition of the Cascade Connection, especially if you have recently joined the Cascade Community. We reflect on the Clifton Strengths Summit in Omaha and cover some common questions when setting out with Cascade. Deon shares how he uses Cascade with Q12 and we mention some very special Strengths Twins.

Issue 7

Clifton Strengths Summit

Common Questions

Talking to the Cascade Community, a couple of questions are frequently emerging.

Should I put all my clients in one copy of Cascade?

One early question when setting out with Cascade is how to store the themes for different groups of people.

Some coaches use a new copy of Cascade for each organisation. Apart from creating lots of Cascade files, this can get messy when there is a software update. We recommend where possible to store all your clients or staff in one copy of Cascade.

The Theme Table page has four columns (A-D) on the left to categorise your clients. You can rename the headings and use the columns to suit your client base or company. Think about how you want to group your clients together when creating reports. You can use the organisation name, the team or the workshop session etc.

In the Team page, use these categories to select the people for the Team Grid.

See the Theme Table page for more information.

Why are new clients not appearing in the reports?

Another common question occurs when adding a new person. Their themes are in the Theme Table but their name does not appear in the drop-down lists for the reports.

Cascade issue 7 QuestionsThe Team page defines the list of people for the reports. Use the Team Grid to select the organisation or team, then all the other reports will represent those people. The drop-down lists for the individual reports refer to the names on the Team Grid.

After adding a new person to the Theme Table, make sure you can see them in the Team Grid, then they will appear in the drop-down lists for the other reports.

When leaving the Team page, there is a process to regenerate the list of names for the reports. It is therefore important to view the Team page after adding people to the Theme Table.

See Getting Started for more information.

Tip: The Theme Table has two columns for the email address and Date (columns I and J). These are only present in Cascade as the columns exist in the Gallup export file. You do not need to manually enter information here as it is not used elsewhere in Cascade. Feel free to use this space for any additional information or notes.


Gallup’s Q12 assessment captures the level of engagement with 12 key questions. It is a useful benchmark to run before and after a strengths-based program to measure the effectiveness of the program. When setting up the Q12 assessment, the Group Reporting feature filters the results by additional factors. These can be by Team, Generation, Location, Part Time / Full Time, Volunteer / Paid etc.
Gallup Q12 engagement survey Cascade

 from Sydney, adds a new dimension to Cascade with Q12. He writes.

“If you use Q12 and Strengths, then you may find this approach useful.
I use Group Reporting in Q12 e.g. By Team, By Role, By Generation, By Location etc. Then I use Cascade to mirror these Groups using Columns A-D in the Theme Table Tab to align to the Q12 Groups. I then pull the Team Grid and Team Summary for each of these Groups. Now you have an engagement view by Groups and a Strengths view by Group.

In addition, I then take the Team’s Top 5 and create them as a Person in the Theme Table – this then allows me to pull a Personal Insights view of the Team as a whole.”

This is a great example of bringing the tools together to enhance the outcome. How do you use Cascade with other assessments or tools?


Feedback and Reviews

We love hearing and sharing your feedback about how Cascade is making a difference for you and your clients. Please take a moment to leave a review on our Facebook page or on our website.

Identical Matches

In July we discovered two pairs of Identical Strengths Twins. That’s two pairs of people who both share the same top 5 themes in the same order. What is more, we found both pairs on the same day!

To register your interest in finding your Strengths Twin, visit

Thank you

The Cascade Community came alive in Omaha. Thank you Rhonda Knight for arranging the Meet Up on Sunday evening and 34 Strong with Brandon Miller for your event on Monday evening. Both events actively shared the news about Cascade, thanks to your enthusiasm and the Woo-Warriors. Trying not to forget anyone, thank you Alicia, Carol Anne, Charlotte, Deon, Katherine, Kathie, Karen, Karin, Jennifer, Jim, Joe and the name I can’t remember.

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Cascade Connection – Issue 6

Cascade Connection – Issue 6

Welcome to a special July edition of the Cascade Connection. We launch the new version of Cascade with two brand new reports and a massive time-saving feature. If you read all the way down to the bottom, you’ll find another gem.
We also look forward to meeting many of you at the Clifton Strengths Summit in Omaha.

July 2018

Cascade Just Gets Better!

Cascade connection news letter tips help advice support community

The new version of Cascade is now available with three major new features.

  • A new report visually displaying all 34 themes for an individual.
  • A new worksheet to help clients take advantage of their themes in different situations.
  • The ability to create PDF reports for a whole team in just a few moments.
    Read on to find out more.
My 34 Themes

Cascade My 34 theme report strengthsfinder chartAs Gallup is making it easier to access all 34 themes, we put together a special report to help with these coaching conversations.  The My 34 report shows all 34 themes for a person with their own Spark chart and domain Pie chart.

Adjusting the number of dominant themes tailors the report for your client. You can also choose which Theme Insight information you want to include.

Under the terms of our Licence Agreement, we a have worked with Gallup to produce the approved report. You will need the Bonus Pack to see the My 34 report in Cascade.  More Info

Fiona Grant is a leadership coach near Washington D.C. who has worked with Strengths since 2007. She writes
“I used the new My 34 page with two very different clients and was pleased to see how meaningful the summary was for each person. I used the ‘Being & Doing’ view with one, and the ‘Motivators/Demotivators’ view with another. They thought their summaries were both cool and insightful. The client with Communication as his #1 theme liked it so much he forwarded his along to his boss and suggested they consider a team workshop. Cascade is becoming an excellent sales asset for my business —  the one-page summaries are perfect for showing executives the value of the Strengths framework.”

Theme Advantage

Cascade strengths theme advantage report grid strengthsfinder matrixThere are lots of management models and theories to increase understanding of situations. Helping your client take advantage of their themes for each stage of a process will give them the edge. The new Theme Advantage page shows the client’s themes and the steps of a process on a grid. Exploring how their themes can contribute to each step will open up new opportunities. This is very much a worksheet to help start a potentially difficult conversation.

The standard version of Cascade includes various productivity areas which parallel with the four domains. The Bonus Pack opens up Leadership models and Project Management concepts.

We welcome feedback on this new worksheet and will add more models in future releases.  More Info

Florence Hardy is a Strengths coach and facilitator near Paris, France. She writes
“Wow impressed after my 30 mins exploring and testing this morning. LOVE, love, love the advantage page!!!! it’s like the Return of the Jedi for me (aka – the return of the theme map, in a much more mature version). Love it. Will apply to myself “How to get things done” lol.”

Create Multiple PDF Reports for a Team

Cascade PDF strengthsfinder reports team email zipMany coaches create PDF reports in Cascade for their clients. Whilst this is fine on an individual basis, creating 10’s of PDF documents for a team is very time-consuming. After months of research and coding, we have automated the bulk creation of PDF reports. You can now rattle off a set of personalised PDF reports for a whole team. During our testing, we created over 200 PDF documents in just a few minutes. You can quickly Zip up the files and email them to your customer.

Technical issues limit this feature to Windows with Office 2010, 2013, 2016 and Mac with Office 2016. It will not run on Mac with Office 2011.

As you may expect, this massive timesaving feature requires the Bonus Pack. More Info

Lisa Cummings an international strengths evangelist from Texas writes
“All I have to say is W00t!!! This is fantastic. I created Personal Insights Reports and Bring-Need Reports PDF for 68 people in under 5 minutes. This saves me from printing hundreds of pages. And it gives clients a handy digital file to refer back to long after our training.

Most of all, it allows me to stop travelling with carry-on bags that weigh 100 lbs. This might seem like a small thing, yet after getting stopped by security several times for “large bricks of organic matter” (my stacks of paper that must appear like cocaine in the scanners), I’m not so keen on being seen as a drug smuggler 😉 Not to mention, a few helpful people have grabbed my bag and put it in the overhead bin. After feeling the ridiculous weight from the paper, people love to ask, “Wow that’s heavy. Is there a dead body in there?” Richard, you have saved me from a perceived life of crime. All with your automated PDF function for Mac users. You’re a gem.”

Thank you

Creating new reports and testing the new features is a team effort. We want to thank you for your suggestions, ideas and time spent reviewing and checking the new version of Cascade. This is very much the Cascade Community in action. Thank you to Alicia Santamaria, Barry Rellaford, Brea Roper, Charlotte Blair, Cheryl Pace, Deon Rademeyer, Elaine Krek, Fiona Grant, Florence Hardy, Jessica Kennedy, Jennifer Miller, Jose Valcarcel, Kathie Gautille, Liz Ellis, Mary Beth Crawford, Ralph Rickenbach and Tracy Phillips.

How Can I Get the Update?

The new version of Cascade v2.0r02b is now available.

You are welcome to request the latest version of Cascade anytime within 12 months of purchase. Likewise, if you have renewed your support cover after this period, you can receive free updates. We email you about your support renewals during the last month of cover. There is a generous discount if you renew before it expires.

If you would like to receive an update of Cascade, contact us quoting your product licence number. (C followed by 5 digits at the top of the Welcome Page).


Clifton Strengths Summit in Omaha

Clifton Strengths summit Gallup Omaha 2018Are you going to the Clifton Strengths Summit in Omaha? It is just a few days away and I’m looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible. I will be in Omaha on the Sunday and Monday before the Summit attending various MeetUps. Please come and say hello and it will be nice to meet you in person. I will have a small gift for you if you catch me before the Summit begins. Unfortunately, I will not be able to distribute the gifts during the Summit.

Rhonda Knight is hosting a MeetUp on Sunday evening at DJ’s Dugouts Sports Bar. More details are at Pre-Summit Coaches MeetUp


Need Help Printing?

Cascade strengths print reports PDF PowerPoint Finally, we have another gem for you. If you need help with printing reports, creating PDFs or getting reports into PowerPoint, we have a new web page that explains all.

Visit the Print Reports on the side menu to discover more.

Next Issue

Thank you Fiona, Florence and Lisa for sharing your feedback on the new features.

To receive an email notification of the next Cascade Connection, sign up here.Thank you for all your conversations about Cascade on the Facebook and Yammer groups, we really appreciate your support. Please visit our Facebook page where we love to hear your reviews and comments. If you are looking to share a link for Cascade the best one is

If you have any questions, please just ask.