Cascade Connection -Issue 22

Cascade Connection -Issue 22

Cascade connection theme insights discovery cardsNew Domain Colors, Cascade update and motivation.

What do new Domain colors, a Cascade update and motivation have in common?

The simple answer is that they are all the focus of our latest projects to provide you with a fresh and invigorating approach to working with your clients…

New Domain Colors

Gallup is changing the Domain colors for all their reports and materials this August and September. And we’re updating the Cascade reports to match.

Gallup’s reason for the change is to make their materials ADA (American Disability Act) compliant. One difference you’ll spot immediately is the change from Red to Green for the Strategic Thinking Domain.

Our latest release of Cascade reflects all Gallup’s changes. To give you a sneak peek, here’s the new look Team Grid, Personal Insights report and Team Summary

Gallup new domain colors green CliftonStrengths reports

New Cascade Version

The new release of Cascade (v2.0r05a) has lots of small tweaks and improvements. We’ve created a short video to guide you through the main differences and to help you make the most of the new version (watch it below).

But first, here’s a summary of the main changes…

1. Print Domain Totals in the Team Grid

team grid print domain totals Cascade strengths new colors

A few coaches have asked how to print the Domain totals in the Team Grid. This is the table on the right of the page, giving the number of themes for each person by Domain.

Using the table, you can help your clients identify concentrations of themes in a particular Domain.

We’ve added a new button at the top of the table to turn the printing of the table on or off. It expands the print area on the page to include or hide the table from the Team Grid printout or PDF.

Top tip: Did you know you can sort the people in the Team Grid depending on how many themes they have in a Domain? Click on the down-arrow below the name of a Domain to open the Filter options. Selecting the Sort ‘Largest to Smallest’ will bring the people with the most themes in that Domain to the top of the grid.

2. PDF filenames

We know that many coaches like to print the team reports for the top 5 and the top 10 themes. Previously, both PDF files automatically had the same file name. So we’ve now added the number of themes to the end of PDF filename. For example, TeamName – Team Grid – T10.pdf

3. Language updates

Following the launch of the reports in French and Spanish, we’ve made some minor tweaks to the Spanish translations to improve usability. The Team Profiles, Roles and All 34 reports now support multiple languages and we’re getting ready to release the reports in German soon too.

Watch Richard explain all the latest changes in this short video:

How to download the latest version of Cascade

Download the latest version of Cascade with a link from a previous email or from within Cascade itself.

See our guide detailing the steps: How to update Cascade to the latest version.

Free updates are available for those with a current Cascade license. This applies either within the first year of purchase or with a valid Support pack.

If you need help: please contact us quoting your Cascade license number (C followed by 5 digits at the top of the Cascade Menu).

Coaching Tips to Increase your Client’s Motivation

increase motivation and resilience with strengths

Several coaches have mentioned that they are keen to help their clients increase motivation and resilience during these challenging times.

So we have put together some practical steps using the Cascade reports that give fresh inspiration and ideas.

We explain how a strengths-based approach, underpinned by some of the key Cascade tools, can help you increase your client’s energy, focus and zest for life.

Read the full article

Thank you

Thank you for being part of this Strengths Community and please get in touch if you have a Cascade story to share, or just want a chat.

Richard and the Cascade Team

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Cascade Connection -Issue 14

Cascade Connection -Issue 14

Cascade connection theme insights discovery cardsIntroducing the New Version of Cascade

Cascade Release 3 is here!
Packing in a ton of new features, the new version of Cascade makes it even easier to create reports.

What are Coaches saying?

  • I love the new version…it is definitely a cleaner look and easier on the eye. I like having the print and PDF icon at the top of each worksheet! Cheryl Pace
  • Overall the new release is totally fab. Love the radio buttons at the top that allow me to toggle different views so easily. Making a lot of use of 15 themes, and Bottom 5! Yay! – Fiona Grant
  • Team Grid order to match Gallup – thank you! I much prefer being consistent with all the Gallup Materials. – Deon Rademeyer
  • I really like the opportunity to change the Domain Order (I prefer SIRE, your default) – Barry Rellaford
  • In a word, I love it. I had fun all weekend playing with it. You’ve done a great job listening to your audience – us coaches! – Harriette Heibel
  • I LOVE that I can now do Top 10 or 15 on one screen for the Theme Insights and Advantages. I have been dreaming about the ability to print someone’s 1-10 Theme Insights double sided. – Joe Darin
  • The home page is awesome. This makes navigating easy. I am looking forward to the faith and family pack. – Marvin Summerfield
  • Flexibility for all personal reports with how many themes to display – Top 5, Top 10, Top 15, Dominant, Bottom 5 is useful! – Yeang Cherng Poh
  • You asked what “wowed” me and it’s just everything. – Kate Christensen

What are New Features?

The full list of changes are in the Release Notes. We have also created a video tutorial walking you through the new features. The highlights are;

Cascade new features
Watch the video
  • A new Menu screen providing a more intuitive way to navigate between the pages.
  • Buttons on the pages helping you to quickly print or create PDFs of the reports.
  • The Team Grid offering lots more flexibility.
  • More options with the Table Tents.
  • The appearance of Cascade is more consistent and easier to follow.

New Menu

Cascade Strengths Menu Dashboard new features

Replacing the Select Name screen with a brand new Menu provides the hub for Cascade.

The three sections show the logical steps to enter clients, select teams and create individual reports.

Explore the powerful new features to quickly create reports and configure your copy of Cascade.

Read More …

Team Grid – More Options

Huge flexibility, with are over 3000 different permutations to display the Team Grid, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Cascade team strengths grid chart table themes
  • Choose the number of themes to show, Top 5, Top 10, Top 15, Top Dominant, All 34, Bottom 5 or none.
  • Display the Domains starting with Strategic Thinking (SIRE) or Executing (EIRS).
  • Show the Gallup Domain Descriptions or the Releasing Strengths Domain Contributions.
  • The fresher look improves clarity and saves your printer toner.

Read more …

Table Tents with Top 10 Themes

Listening to your comments, there are new features for the Name Tents. You can now show the Top 5 or Top 10 themes and insert the Domain Pie chart. You can also, create horizontal tents (upside down V) where the themes go across the page.

Read More …

New Worksheet

Tucked away is a new worksheet in the Theme Advantage area. It helps to generate ideas to keep themes alive on a regular basis. Called the Rhythm of Motivation, it helps your client to maintain their energy by feeding their themes. Originally it was developed for a client entering retirement following full-time employment. The worksheet helped her to structure her day, week and month with events based on her themes to maintain her motivation.

Thank You

Thank you for all your suggestions for the new version. There are many more ideas we would love to include another time.

Thank you also for the large worldwide testing team who provided valuable feedback to enhance the improvements. Special thanks to Alicia Santamaria, Andrew Sloan, Barry Rellaford, Cheryl Pace, Deon Rademeyer, Fiona Grant, Florence Hardy, Harriette Heibel, Jennifer Miller PhD, Joe Darin, Joe Holloway, Katie Christensen, Marvin Sommerfeld, Yeang Cherng Poh and Tracy Phillips.

How to get your Upgrade

You should receive an email with a link to download your new version of Cascade. The upgrades are free for the first year after purchase. You will also receive an upgrade if you renewed your support after year one.
Please contact us, quoting your license Number (C followed by 5 digits) if you want to know more or don’t receive your email.

We are sending the emails out in batches and please contact us if you have not received anything by 12th April 2019.

Clifton Strengths Summit

We are looking forward to attending the Summit in June. There will be information nearer the time where you discover more about Cascade.

Next Issue

Next time we will explore more about the new version of Cascade.

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Please share what you like about the new version of Cascade, either our Facebook page, alternatively post a testimonial on our website.

If you have any questions, please just ask.

Richard and the Cascade Team

Cascade Connection -Issue 13

Cascade Connection -Issue 13

Cascade connection theme insights discovery cardsHow do you Build Teams?

Bringing two teams together can be a challenge. This month we hear how the visual reports in Cascade can focus the conversations around team strengths. We also show how to select teams in the Team Grid and we have more information about the new version of Cascade.

Combining Team Strengths

Cheryl Pace is a Gallup-certified coach and Director of Organizational Improvement at The University of Kansas Medical Center. She helps employees and students understand their natural talents and how they use them to achieve the goals of the team they work on and/or achieve success in the careers they are developing.  Cheryl describes how Cascade helps her communicate better with both teams and individuals.

“I recently worked with a new department composed of two separate departments that had been combined into one.  Before the team session, I was able to meet with each individual team member to be sure they understood their CliftonStrengths® assessment results.  The Theme Insights and Bring-Need reports in Cascade add so much value to these conversations.  And everyone loves getting a Name Tent!  The highlight of the team session was being able to show Team Grids and Team Summaries for each of the departments before they combined and then to do the same for the combined team.  There were a lot of “a-ha” moments.

compare combine team strengths Cascade report chart theme frequency
Combined Team Strengths (left), Individual Team Strengths (middle & right)

In addition to the reports generated by Cascade, I was also able to take parts of reports and show them side by side to help the new department gain insights into their differences and similarities.  I’ve included one that I created comparing just the frequency reports.  Looking at this comparison generated a rich discussion about how the combined teams have more talent themes to leverage to achieve success.  A picture can be worth a thousand words.  I don’t believe our discussion would have been as productive and meaningful without Cascade!”

Team Summary

Cascade team summary report Gallup strengths themes

Comparing the Summary reports for several teams reveals visual differences in the distribution of their strengths. In addition to seeing variations across the Domains, there may be differences in the spread and intensity of the themes.

We covered articulating the strengths of a team with
Traci McCausland last month in Issue 12.

Team Selection

Cascade can provide a central repository for all your client or staff themes. With so many people in the list, how can you easily build teams for the Team Grid and the other reports?

Columns A-D on the left of the Theme Table enable you to group people by different categories. You can change the headings to suit your needs. The example in the first picture shows a matrix of teams across departments and locations.

In the Team Grid, use the filtering to select the people you want to show. Right click on the heading and select Filter, shown in the picture on the right. Select one or more items on the list to build up your Team Grid. You can refine your selection with filters for several columns. You can also sort the list by column to group people together.

Taking this example further, you can select just the Managers or those who work in Finance. The combinations are endless.

If you want to get back and show all the names, click on the Clear Filters button at the top of the Team Grid to reset the selection.

Tip: Performing any sort of selection will remove the additional blank lines at the bottom of the Team Grid. This will save you printing out excessive empty pages.

Katie’s Experience

Katie Christensen owner of Simply Strengths in Minnesota shares how she builds her teams in the Team Grid.

“Beyond the user-friendly nature of Cascade, I appreciate the many nuanced ways it can be applied to the unique groups with which I work.  One of the functions I use often is the “Team” column in the Team Grid.  This allows me to chunk larger groups down into smaller teams and print just that small group’s Team Grid.  For example, if I run a family training with 40 people from 14 different families, giving families a team print out that contains all 40 people would not be helpful.  Families are most interested in seeing how just their family’s unique themes fit together.”

Katie kindly goes on to write “Cascade is technology that has made my life easier and really enhances the work I do.  When I have had an issue there is a huge and active community of users ready to jump in and offer support as well as the amazing Cascade support team.  In fact, since I have been given this platform it seems the perfect time to say thanks to a great network of amazing people and to Cascade for helping us connect to one another and serve our clients better.”

Cascade – New version – Coming Soon!

The new version of Cascade is currently with a group of testers and will be available next month. It contains lots of time-saving features to help you quickly create reports. There is an intuitive Menu to navigate Cascade and access all the reports.

Listening to your comments, hearing your questions and observing how you use Cascade, the new version offers;

  • An easier and more intuitive way to navigate around the pages.
  • A quicker method for creating reports and PDFs.
  • More visually appealing pages, so it looks less like Excel.

Joe Darin from Joe Darin Coaching in Sacramento comments.
“This latest version of Cascade will take my coaching and training to a whole new level. The reports have been refined and the ability to natively run reports for 1-15 Themes is awesome. The updated Theme Insights is very powerful as well, allowing my coaching to either use the Theme Comparisons or Metaphors & Barrier Labels.
I highly recommend this (or any) version of Cascade for strength coaches.”

The new version of Cascade will be out in March 2019.

Next Issue

Next time we will reveal the new version of Cascade. Those who purchased Cascade within the past 12 months or have renewed their support will receive the upgrade for free. We will contact you directly when it is ready.

Thank you Cheryl, Katie and Joe for sharing your experiences. If you have a Cascade story to share for a future edition of Cascade Connection, please contact us.

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If you have any questions, please just ask.

Richard and the Cascade Team

Cascade Connection – Issue 7

Cascade Connection – Issue 7

Cascade connection news letter tips help advice support communityWelcome to the August edition of the Cascade Connection, especially if you have recently joined the Cascade Community. We reflect on the Clifton Strengths Summit in Omaha and cover some common questions when setting out with Cascade. Deon shares how he uses Cascade with Q12 and we mention some very special Strengths Twins.

Issue 7

Clifton Strengths Summit

Common Questions

Talking to the Cascade Community, a couple of questions are frequently emerging.

Should I put all my clients in one copy of Cascade?

One early question when setting out with Cascade is how to store the themes for different groups of people.

Some coaches use a new copy of Cascade for each organisation. Apart from creating lots of Cascade files, this can get messy when there is a software update. We recommend where possible to store all your clients or staff in one copy of Cascade.

The Theme Table page has four columns (A-D) on the left to categorise your clients. You can rename the headings and use the columns to suit your client base or company. Think about how you want to group your clients together when creating reports. You can use the organisation name, the team or the workshop session etc.

In the Team page, use these categories to select the people for the Team Grid.

See the Theme Table page for more information.

Why are new clients not appearing in the reports?

Another common question occurs when adding a new person. Their themes are in the Theme Table but their name does not appear in the drop-down lists for the reports.

Cascade issue 7 QuestionsThe Team page defines the list of people for the reports. Use the Team Grid to select the organisation or team, then all the other reports will represent those people. The drop-down lists for the individual reports refer to the names on the Team Grid.

After adding a new person to the Theme Table, make sure you can see them in the Team Grid, then they will appear in the drop-down lists for the other reports.

When leaving the Team page, there is a process to regenerate the list of names for the reports. It is therefore important to view the Team page after adding people to the Theme Table.

See Getting Started for more information.

Tip: The Theme Table has two columns for the email address and Date (columns I and J). These are only present in Cascade as the columns exist in the Gallup export file. You do not need to manually enter information here as it is not used elsewhere in Cascade. Feel free to use this space for any additional information or notes.


Gallup’s Q12 assessment captures the level of engagement with 12 key questions. It is a useful benchmark to run before and after a strengths-based program to measure the effectiveness of the program. When setting up the Q12 assessment, the Group Reporting feature filters the results by additional factors. These can be by Team, Generation, Location, Part Time / Full Time, Volunteer / Paid etc.
Gallup Q12 engagement survey Cascade

 from Sydney, adds a new dimension to Cascade with Q12. He writes.

“If you use Q12 and Strengths, then you may find this approach useful.
I use Group Reporting in Q12 e.g. By Team, By Role, By Generation, By Location etc. Then I use Cascade to mirror these Groups using Columns A-D in the Theme Table Tab to align to the Q12 Groups. I then pull the Team Grid and Team Summary for each of these Groups. Now you have an engagement view by Groups and a Strengths view by Group.

In addition, I then take the Team’s Top 5 and create them as a Person in the Theme Table – this then allows me to pull a Personal Insights view of the Team as a whole.”

This is a great example of bringing the tools together to enhance the outcome. How do you use Cascade with other assessments or tools?


Feedback and Reviews

We love hearing and sharing your feedback about how Cascade is making a difference for you and your clients. Please take a moment to leave a review on our Facebook page or on our website.

Identical Matches

In July we discovered two pairs of Identical Strengths Twins. That’s two pairs of people who both share the same top 5 themes in the same order. What is more, we found both pairs on the same day!

To register your interest in finding your Strengths Twin, visit

Thank you

The Cascade Community came alive in Omaha. Thank you Rhonda Knight for arranging the Meet Up on Sunday evening and 34 Strong with Brandon Miller for your event on Monday evening. Both events actively shared the news about Cascade, thanks to your enthusiasm and the Woo-Warriors. Trying not to forget anyone, thank you Alicia, Carol Anne, Charlotte, Deon, Katherine, Kathie, Karen, Karin, Jennifer, Jim, Joe and the name I can’t remember.

Next Issue

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If you have any questions, please just ask.

Cascade Connection – Issue 2

Cascade Connection – Issue 2

Cascade connection news letter tips help advice support communityWelcome to the second edition of the Cascade Connection. We have lots of new readers this month and I hope you find something of interest. We look at one report which is growing in Australia, a creative way to discuss team dynamics and we delve into some new features of the Team Grid. Oh yes, we also have a special announcement if you make it to the end.

March 2018

Team Summary

Cascade strengths summary report Deon Rademeyer SydneyThe Team Summary report, available in the Bonus Pack, provides a quick overview of the theme distribution for a team. This is one of the more popular reports in Cascade which includes the Theme Frequency and the Cascade Spark charts. Identifying the team’s top 5 themes it reveals the top motivators and contributions the team can bring. If you work with several teams who know each other, comparing the Team Summary report for each team will help to show how they differ.

Deon Rademeyer in Sydney went one stage further with his workshop, he printed the Team Summary report in A2 size (420 x 594 mm or 16.5 x 23.4 in) for all to see. What do you do with your reports to make them special for your customers?

Team Dynamics in Conversation

Cascade strengths reports for Kathie Gautille workshopIn a recent workshop, Kathie Gautille shared her range of handouts for the participants. The impressive array of reports added to the professionalism of her workshop.

Kathie writes “I always feel like a hero when participants understand the team dynamics better after using the instruments from Cascade. I have two activities I love to do with the reports and after this workshop, I found another way.

I ask each small group to use the Team Grid to analyze the various talent themes and domains that are represented in the room. But this time I had one group with that particular assignment — the rest of the groups were to take their own small group and identify the same information — what domain is most frequent, what is less frequent in your group, what’s missing, that sort of questioning.

After we do that exercise, the next exercise I give them a hypothetical project and the questioning I use hits all four domains to help identify the various people in their team that would be good at say communicating, detail planning or building cohesive collaborative effort’s etc.

I don’t know that I could do this activity without Cascade. What I really love are all the aha moments because I can tell each participant or most participants are completely embracing Clifton Strengths.”

Team Grid

strengthsfinder Cascade strengths reports team grid menu show themesThe Team page in Cascade has received a few updates over recent weeks to help customise the page. Often when printing or inserting a screen clip into PowerPoint, it is helpful to hide unused columns for clarity or make the some of the columns a bit wider. The new menu provides easy options to adjust the screen.

 Make the Team Grid you own and insert your logo or the logo for your client. You don’t have to live with the image of the people sitting at the table.

Domain Order

We specifically place the domains for the Team Grid in the order of Strategic Thinking, Influencing, Relationship Building and Executing. When introducing the domains and how they fit together, this order provides a natural flow. To hear more, the synergy between the domains is explained more in the 4 Leadership Domains article.

Refreshing Recovery

The Team page with all its features is the most complicated page in Cascade. Very occasionally it may go horribly wrong or it could have been subject to some over-enthusiastic resizing of the rows/columns. Please don’t panic, there is a button ‘Refresh Page’ that will restore order. This recreates the page, resetting it back to its original state. You won’t lose any data, it simply updates over twenty thousand cells with the right formulae and formatting. It can also recover an issue if some names are not appearing in the other reports.

Printing Perfection

The Team Grid has the potential to print 17 pages or 64 pages if you have the Go Large module. To print the relevant pages for your desired team without the endless blank pages, here are a couple of options.

In the heading for the Name column, click on the drop-down arrow to reveal the data filtering choices, then untick zzBlanks. The blank rows will disappear and the number of pages to print will reduce down to 1 or 2.

Another way is to use the Print Preview button on the new menu. This hides any blank rows before viewing the page to print. (A recent update in v2.0r01c corrects a small issue with this button).

Called to Coach

Gallup Called to Coach Richard SterryOn Tuesday 1st May, Jim Collison and his team have kindly invited me on to Called to Coach.  I am looking forward to sharing the story behind Cascade and the Strengths Twins initiative.

Do try to listen live where you can join in with the chat room and ask any questions. It starts at 1:00 pm EDT. Click here to register for the event.

Latest Updates

The most recent version of Cascade is currently v2.0r01c. If you are not yet on version 2.0 it is worth getting in touch to take advantage of the latest features.
(The version number It is shown on the Select Name page and at the bottom of the Welcome page).

You are welcome to request the latest version of Cascade anytime within 12 months of purchase. Likewise, if you have renewed your support cover after this period, you can receive free updates. The support renewals are emailed out during the last month of cover and we offer a generous discount if you renew before it expires.

If you would like to receive an update of Cascade, contact us quoting your product licence number. It is visible on the Welcome page (C followed by 5 digits).

Your Story

How do you use Cascade and which reports do you find most helpful? We would love to share any pictures of the workshop materials you produce in Cascade. Have you done anything creative with the reports and what impact do they have on your clients?

Please Contact us with any comments or your Cascade story.

Next Issue

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