Cascade Connection -Issue 16

Cascade Connection -Issue 16

Cascade connection theme insights discovery cardsNew Features for Cascade

See the new features with Cascade as we prepare for Gallup Access. Hear how Cascade can increase your confidence and find out who’s visiting Texas in October.

New Features for Cascade Release 4

The latest version of Cascade is now available with several time-saving features. Version 2.0r04 includes;

  • Import the themes from Gallup Access into Cascade.
  • Easily download new versions of Cascade.
  • Get more Power with the Power of 2 report

All the new features are described in the Release Notes.

Emails are going out this week with your personalised download links. Please contact us, noting your license number, if you have not received your email by 19th September.

Coaching with Confidence

Lorraine Govender coaching with confidence

How can you gain confidence with your coaching?
Our avid reporter Eduardo Villavicencio caught up with Lorraine Govender to hear her story in this short video. Watch it here

Calling all Coaches in Texas!

There is a very special Coach’s Meet Up in Dallas on October 10th. Richard Sterry is flying over from the UK to provide a Cascade Q&A session. You can see the latest features and discover ways to get the most out of Cascade.

More information and sign up details are at the Meet-Up page

Help! I’m Stuck

Need a bit more confidence with Cascade? Here are some reminders of useful features.

new features import strengthsfinder themes into Cascade

Save struggling with copying and pasting themes into the Theme Table, use the Import Themes button. Read more

Cascade team grid refresh page

Missing people in the Team Grid?
After adding people to the Theme Table, click on the Refresh Page button expand the Team Grid so it includes everyone.

Cascade Menu button powerful features

Menu Matters. Use the Menu to navigate around Cascade. The Menu buttons run small processes to maintain Cascade and show timely reminders. The button to return to the Menu is at the top left of each page making it easy to find. This saves hunting for the tabs at the bottom which may slide off the side of the screen.

Cascade website help features

Online Help. Each of the reports has its own dedicated help page on our website. The Help buttons on the Cascade screens take you to the relevant page. There are coaching tips and examples where coaches use the report.

powerful search cascade support

More answers to questions and resolutions to error messages are in the Support Hub. Do make use of the powerful Search feature to help locate an article.

The Getting Started Guide shows the steps involved from entering themes to creating reports.

Credit Card Payments

Listening to your feedback, we now have full credit card facilities at our shop. Introducing the Stripe payment gateway, we can now offer a wider range of credit card options to more countries, in addition to the PayPal options.
As this affects how we handle your personal information, there is a revision to our Privacy Policy to include Stripe.

Next Issue

Please get in touch if you would like to get involved and share your story about how Cascade helps you.

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Richard and the Cascade Team