Cascade Connection -Issue 19

Cascade Connection -Issue 19

Cascade connection theme insights discovery cardsBoost your Strengths Advantage

Understanding and focusing on our strengths can give us all an advantage during these uncertain times. In this issue, we highlight how Cascade’s latest features are designed to help boost your strengths advantage further with:

  • New reports to help your clients use their strengths to navigate difficult situations with calmness and clarity.
  • New personal word clouds to provide a creative, visual way of highlighting a client’s strengths.

Update to Cascade

The latest version of Cascade is now available. Version 2.0r04f (May 2020) contains several small tweaks and improvements, including:

  • Two new Theme Advantage worksheets
  • The option to create a personal word cloud

New Theme Advantage Worksheets

Cascade Strengths Theme Advantage VUCA

Cascade’s Theme Advantage worksheets provide your clients with practical ways to use their strengths to their advantage in different situations.

Grouped into themes such as Leadership and Project Management, we already have worksheets covering a number of useful topics. But we’ve now added two new worksheets that are especially relevant during this current season…

1 Crisis Management

With each country handling the COVID-19 pandemic slightly differently, the Crisis Management worksheet helps clients to calmly navigate their own situation with clear, simple steps. Experience tells us that whenever there is a sudden and dramatic change in our lives, being intentional in using our themes helps us find positive ways forward through the turmoil.

Thank you Antonia Milkop for your contribution.


The acronym VUCA was originally used by the US military and stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity, all key causes of confusion. By unpacking each aspect in turn – and by proactively focusing on what is known and controllable – the VUCA model helps you guide your client into a positive, flexible and confident approach to dealing with chaos and challenging situations.

Thank you Deon Rademeyer for your suggestion.

Strengths Word Clouds

Creating a word cloud is a powerful, visual method for communicating the CliftonStrengths® themes. We added the Cascade Team Word Cloud some time ago and have loved seeing coaches embrace their creativity with it! (You can find this feature in the Frequency page).

Cascade Strengths Word Cloud CliftonStrengths

But to give individuals a fun and creative way of focusing on their strengths at this challenging time, we’ve now added the option for creating a Cascade Personal Word Cloud too.

To do this: Head to the My 34 page. Towards the bottom right there is a cell where you can copy the themes to paste into a word cloud editor. Find more information at Creating Strengths Word Clouds including instructions on how to update your Zoom Background.

How can I get the latest version of Cascade?

To download the latest version of Cascade, use the special feature in the Menu. Go to the Modules section and click Download.

Download latest version of Cascade Strengths

Alternatively, you can use the download link from one of our previous emails.

For more information, follow the step by step guide in this article and see the changes for the latest version in the Change Log.

Please note: The download feature is only available for the first year after purchasing Cascade, or for a year after renewing your Cascade Support. Do contact us if you need any help or have any queries.

Domain Colour Change

Last year, Gallup announced that they are changing the colours of the four domains in 2020. We now know that most of the changes will appear for Gallup Access and related reports in August 2020.

Gallup new domain colors CliftonStrengths Cascade

And to mirror this, we will update the Cascade colours to match the new Gallup colours in August too.

In our last issue – Together in Isolation – we talked about how, despite varying countries and contexts, our shared experience of the COVID-19 pandemic knits us all closer together. We’re a few weeks on in this season, and the situation remains. Here we want to do all we can to help you personally and professionally, stay strong.

We hope our latest developments will assist you with that and give you the extra tools you need to play to your strengths, both now and in the times to come. Don’t forget too that our offer of a chat – about anything or everything – still stands. Find a time on our calendar now.

Thank you for being part of the Cascade Community. Stay strong!

Richard and the Cascade Team